Rush Limbaugh uses CPRC research on mass public shootings occurring in gun-free zones

26 Nov , 2015  

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On October 5, 2015 Rush Limbaugh mentioned some research that the CPRC had put together, though the source that he used doesn’t acknowledge the research as coming from us.  The source of Limbaugh’s number is available in our report here where we go through each and every mass public shooting that occurred.

What Rush Limbaugh said: “92 percent of mass shootings since 2009 have occurred in gun-free zones. Ninety-two percent. These schools are not being chosen randomly. They’re not chosen just because there’s a collection of kids that make good targets or students there. They’re chosen because there’s not going to be any resistance. And what is it that shuts down every one of these sprees when they start? It’s the arrival on the scene, of somebody else with a gun. Not somebody waving a law and a piece of paper, not somebody on a megaphone, “You are breaking gun law, you are violating gun law; we command you to stop.” What you hear next is bang bang, couple more times. There aren’t any shooters on site because its a gun free zone. The law abiding, of course, obey the law and they don’t have any guns, not even the security people. Ninety-two percent of mass shootings since 2009 occurred in gun-free zones.”

I would have described the end of this differently.  These mass public shooters are much more concerned about permitted concealed handgun holders than having one or two uniformed police or guards is that these armed guards face a very difficult just in that they will be the first ones killed or the attackers will simply find a unguarded place to attack.

On that same program Rush Limbaugh also discussed the benefits of permitted concealed handguns.

A concealed carry permit, if you think one’s necessary — and by the way, they’re not easy to get. I know a lot of people in New York who have them, and it’s quite an involved process. But once you have one, one of the values in it is having people know that you do because that, in itself, is its own deterrent. What does that say, by the way? The fact that you have a concealed carry permit and you don’t mind if people know? That’s the deterrent. Folks, it’s no different than suppose we wanted to solve war by banning all armaments and weapons.

Look at it that way. We all hate war, right? We hate the killing. We hate all the reasons for war. Just like we hate it when school kids get show the up or anybody else does. Okay, so imagine some enlightened liberal comes along and says, “The solution to this is getting rid of the Armed Forces. We’re still gonna have forces, but they’re not gonna be armed. No guns and no bullets, because then nobody will die! Then nobody will get killed and then nobody will kill.” Is it realistic? Well, this is pre-Obama. We’re not doing any of this stuff under Obama. . . .


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