CPRC in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “America could use more concealed carry gun permit holders”

29 Nov , 2015  

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John Lott’s newest piece in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review starts this way:

Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, such far-away places as Pennsylvania have experienced a surge in applications for concealed handgun permits.

Permit requests have at least doubled in some large counties, including Allegheny. Pennsylvania has more than 1 million permit holders — 10.6 percent of the adult population — so the undoubtedly short-lived surge won’t dramatically change the number of permit holders, but an increase still will make Pennsylvanians safer.

Police tend to support an increase in permit holders. “What would help most in preventing large-scale shootings in public?” PoliceOne asked its 450,000 American officer members in 2013. The most common answer: “more permissive concealed carry policies for civilians.”

Eighty percent of the surveyed officers believed allowing permitted concealed handguns would reduce the number of victims of mass public shootings.

Israel learned that lesson the hard way. In its first decades of existence, Israel responded to attacks by increasing the number of soldiers and armed police on the streets. Mass killers, however, can target the officers first or pick a target that isn’t guarded.

No matter how much money Israel spent, all the terrorists needed was a little patience. . . .


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