Interview with Brazilian Media over Legislation to Liberalize Brazilian Gun Control Laws

3 Nov , 2015  




John Lott was interviewed by Gabriel Brust with Portugues do Brasil about the move to liberalize their gun laws (November 2, 2015):

With the advancement in the National Congress of the bill repealing the Disarmament Statute in force since 2003, making it less rigid rules for the acquisition of firearms, a war of conflicting numbers municia those who defend and who is opposed to changing the law. But the debate is not unique to militancy on both sides. The direct relationship between arms sales and increase in crime is no consensus among researchers from different countries, including the United States, reference for those who want flexible rules. . . .

Yet another American researcher, the chairman of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John R. Lott Jr., believes it is possible to draw conclusions from the data currently available in the United States. And they are quite different: “Many countries have tried to ban the weapons, and every time it happened, the number of murders increased. Be in the American States, Ireland or even islands like Jamaica or the UK. It is clear that Brazil did not ban weapons, but logic is the same, “says the researcher to RFI Brazil.
John R. Lott Jr. is the author of More Guns, Less Crime (“More Guns, Less Crime”), which analyzed data on crime in the United States over 29 years between 1977 and 2005. According Lott, statistics provided by National Crime Victimization Survey of the American government can establish in great detail the reactions and consequences of criminal acts. “What the data tell us is that, by far, the safest reaction to have before a crime is to use a gun. For example, a woman who does not react has 2.5 times more likely to suffer a serious assault than one that has a gun. “For the researcher, knowing that you can attack someone has armed intimidating effect on criminals. . . .




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  1. Jana says:

    You should interview Bene Barbosa, the most experienced Brazilian analyst on this subject.

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