Permit holder protects woman that he was with from being shot by robbers

6 Jun , 2015  

Shell's Restaurant in TampaPicture from Google Street Maps

The robbery and shooting took place at 10:30 PM on Friday night just as the couple was leaving the Shell’s restaurant at 2101 East Fowler Avenue.  Without for the permit carrier’s fast actions, From Tampa Bay, Florida (CBS-TV Channel 10 News):

. . . According to Tampa Police Department, the two suspects approached the victims with a gun drawn while the victims were leaving the Shells restaurant. The suspects then robbed the man and woman. As the woman turned to run, the suspect aimed his gun in her direction.

The other victim, who had a Concealed Carry permit, drew his weapon and shot the suspect in the leg. The other suspect escaped unharmed but later surrendered to police.

The female victim suffered some minor injuries as the result of falling on the ground. The other victim was unharmed. . . .

The robbers initially took the couple’s money and cell phones, but the wounded criminal dropped them as he was running away.

Another slightly different version of the story is available here.


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