26 Feb , 2019

Television Show Bias on gun control: CBS’ SWAT on a Dangerous Gay Gun Rights Club

After two gays are injured in a hit-and-run car attack, CBS’ SWAT (Season 2, episode 16) shows another gay take a right-wing radio show host and his staff hostage because the radio show host has been very hostile to gays. The hostage taker threatens to kill the host and his hostages if there are “any acts of hate” directed against gays.…


21 Feb , 2019

CBS’ Bull warning that “everyone and their uncle has a gun” in this country and that is what makes it so dangerous

CBS’ Bull (Season 3, episode 12) is about a man in witness protection who has been murdered. The government is being sued for not properly protecting the man, and their initial defense is that the murder had nothing to do with him being in witness protection. The wife of the murdered man is shown in the clip where she is complaining about the risk of being shot to death in the United States, as she says “everyone and their uncle has a gun” in this country and that is what makes it so dangerous.…


28 Jan , 2019

Television Show Bias on gun control: The Rookie pushes gun buybacks, registration of guns, and shows an accidental gunshot killing a woman

In a series of scenes that could have been written by Michael Bloomberg, The Rookie tries making the case for gun buybacks and gun registration (S1, E11). The officers in this scene tell people that turning in their guns to police during the buyback will make the city safer. A woman is shown bringing in her father’s weapons, one of which is a Claymore mine.…


2 Oct , 2018

CBS’ Bull claiming that buying a handgun in New York City is the “easiest thing in the world”

CBS’ Bull (Season 3, episode 2) is about a woman who murdered a man who killed her child. According to the show, the woman who fatally shot this man found it the “easiest thing in the world” to legally buy a handgun in New York City.

First, one has to get a NYC handgun license, which is not only expensive (about $440); forms, reference letters, and a visit and interview by the NYPD; and it can take up to eight months to get the license.…


28 Aug , 2018

Media Bias on Guns: CBS’ Elementary claiming that gun buybacks always reduce gun deaths

“Sherlock Holmes” on CBS Elementary explains that gun buyback programs “reduce the number of firearm fatalities everywhere they have been attempted.” In fact, the opposite is true.

Here is a quote from the National Academies of Sciences report “Firearms and Violence” (pp. 95-6, emphasis added): “The theory on which gun buy-back programs is based is flawed in three respects.…


16 Aug , 2018

Media Bias on Guns: ABC’s “The Bold Type” uses all the typical gun control rhetoric and tries to let young women know they will alienate their friends

ABC’s “The Bold Type” is about young women working at fictitious Scarlet magazine in New York City (think Cosmopolitan). Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) risks alienating her friends by owning a gun. When roommate Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) finds out, she confronts Sutton and acts like she’s some unthinking conservative who doesn’t care about people’s safety.…


8 Aug , 2018

Media Bias on Guns: ABC’s Quantico: Obligatory “I hate guns”

A lot of TV characters these days are saying how much they hate guns. It is hard to think of any other item that they so regularly deride.

We previously pointed to ABC’s The Crossing, when the Sheriff’s son says, “I don’t like guns.” The main character on NBC’s Reverie said simply, “I hate guns.” The phrase was again used here in ABC’s Quantico (Season 1, episode 4).…

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17 Jul , 2018

More TV bias on Guns: History Channel’s Seal Team Six: Despite terrorist threats to family, Seal team member tries to convince his wife that she is safer without a gun

Jackie Ortiz (played by Nadine Velazquez), the wife of a Seal Team Six member, asks her husband, Ricky Ortiz (played by Juan-Pablo Raba) to teach her how to use a handgun for self-defense after his family was threatened by Islamist militants. She explains that she is worried when he is not around to protect the family.…

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16 Jul , 2018

At Townhall.com: “How Entertainment Shows have become Vehicles for Gun Control Propaganda”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at Townhall.com on the continuing bias in entertainment television. The piece starts this way:

All of the major television networks use their primetime entertainment shows to push a pro-gun control agenda.  Liberal television executives apparently think that they have the power to change Americans’ attitudes.


24 Jun , 2018

TV bias on guns: CBS’s Ransom: Gun fails to protect family and puts children in danger

Media bias on guns takes many forms. In just 34 seconds, this segment from CBS’ Ransom tries making the case that owning a gun didn’t provide protection against attackers but still puts their children in danger (Season 2, Episode 11, June 23, 2018). The wife is also very upset with the husband that he apparently broke a promise to get rid of the gun.…