A response to Mother Jones’ mistake filled article on John Lott and the Crime Prevention Research Center

1 Aug , 2015  

The altered image above is from a new Mother Jones’ article, which was written to try discrediting John Lott and the Crime Prevention Research Center.

Mother Jones is willing to do anything to push for gun control.  The magazine is very left-leaning and is funded by individuals such as George Soros. …

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A response to Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes’ claims at “Armed with Reason” about John Lott’s research

23 Jun , 2015  

Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes have been repeating past criticisms of John Lott’s work and without ever bothering to let readers know that Lott has already responded to those points.  John Lott has written up a detailed response available below to the first two-thirds of their points in order that they were made.  …



CPRC at Breitbart: “Left media continues smear campaign on economist John Lott”

9 Dec , 2014  

Kristin Tate has this article at Breitbart.com:

Media Matters has long advertised to the public a commitment to fighting misinformation on the internet, but lately the group seems to be creating misinformation of its own.

The nonprofit generally targets Republicans and is regularly cited by pundits and news outlets. More recently, the group engaged in what could best be called a smear campaign against John Lott, an economist, firearms researcher, and Founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

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Problems with the Washington Post’s and Huffington Post’s “more guns, more crime” claims

16 Nov , 2014  

The media over the last couple of days has been pointing to a revised paper by Abhay Aneja, John J. Donohue III, and Alexandria Zhang that has been floating around in various forms since at least 2009.  Their earlier paper claimed that right-to-carry laws and no impact on murder, rape and robber. …

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Ann Coulter on “America’s Most Feared Economist”

2 May , 2013  

Ann’s newest piece starts this way:

You can tell the conservatives liberals fear most because they start being automatically referred to as “discredited.”  Ask Sen. Ted Cruz. But no one is called “discredited” by liberals more often than the inestimable economist John Lott, author of the groundbreaking book More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws.