23 Feb , 2018

At Fox News: “US gun control advocates exaggerate benefits of Australia’s gun restrictions”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at Fox News responding to all the false claims about how Australia’s gun control laws are a model that the US should follow.  This is from a much longer discussion in the book, The War on Guns.  The piece starts this way:

After each mass public shooting in the U.S.

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10 Mar , 2016

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CPRC on Adelaide, Australia’s big talk radio station 1395 AM on gun control in the US and the World

CPRC’s John Lott talked to Leon Byner about gun control in the US and other countries (Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 6:35 to 6:43 PM EST, 11:05 to 11:13 AM local Adelaide, Australia time).


2 Jan , 2016

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CPRC testimony discussed in the Australian Senate’s report “Ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community”

Among the Australian Senate’s recommendations:

The majority of Senators attending the inquiry recommend State and territory governments investigate avenues to decrease regulation of the firearm industry to ease the economic burden on governments, industry and legal firearm users.

Dr John Lott noted:

Prior to 1996, there was already a clear downward in firearm homicides, and this pattern continued after the buyback.

16 Oct , 2015

Hillary on Australia's gun laws 2

Hillary Clinton Lauding Australia and UK gun control laws

Here is a transcript of Hillary Clinton’s comments on October 16, 2015 in Keene, New Hampshire.

VOTER: Back to handguns. Recently, Australia managed to get away, or take away tens of thousands, millions of handguns. In one year, they were all gone. Can we do that? If we can’t, why can’t we?

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10 Oct , 2015

abc Australia Banner

CPRC’s Kesten Green Debating Gun Control on the Australian Broadcasting Corp

Dr. Kesten Green, University of South Australia Business School and a Fellow at the Crime Prevention Research Center, debated two gun control advocates Samantha Lee Chair, Gun Control Australia, and Professor Andrew Goldsmith Strategic Professor of Criminology at Flinders University.  Their debate took place on the Australian Broadcasting Corp’s Sunday Extra show. …

22 Feb , 2015

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CRPC in the Australian newspaper The Advertiser on what can Australia learn from the US on guns

Andrew Goldsmith and Rick Sarre had an op-ed in The Advertiser (South Australian newspaper) responding to two op-ed pieces that John Lott and Kesten Green, a professor at the University of South Australia and a CPRC senior fellow, had previously run in the newspaper (here and here). In response Lott and Green published the following letter.…


8 Jan , 2015

Green & Lott 2015 - When security fails

CPRC opinion piece in the South Australian newspaper The Advertiser: “There are limits to how well police and security agencies can protect us”

CPRC president John Lott and CPRC senior fellow Kesten Green have a new piece in the South Australian newspaper The Advertiser. Their piece starts this way:

HOW can we get back to feeling safe about taking the kids to school, going about our work and meeting friends for a coffee?

Islamic terrorists have demonstrated that they can attack anywhere, without any notice.


30 Oct , 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at Thursday, October 30, 2.34 AM

UPDATE: CPRC testimony on gun control before the Australian Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee (Audio of testimony included)

UPDATE: The audio of John Lott’s testimony is available here. The graphs presented to the committee are available in the link below providing the CPRC testimony.   It was an honor for the CPRC to be invited to address the Australian Senate on this important topic.

Original Post: A notice of the public hearing before the Australian Senate later today (5:30 PM EDT US) is available here.  …

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23 Oct , 2014

Lott-Kesten piece in the Advertiser

CPRC opinion piece on gun bans in the South Australian newspaper The Advertiser

The opinion piece that John Lott with Kesten Green, a professor at the University of South Australia, appeared in the Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser. We will try to add a link to the original article later.
(Click on figure to enlarge copy of the op-ed.)

UPDATE: The Advertiser has added a link for the op-ed piece available here.…

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21 Oct , 2014

CPRC’s Report to the Parliament of Australia on “The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community”

On October 30th the Australian Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs will hold its final hearing on “The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community.”  The CPRC was asked to testify via teleconference on Thursday,  October 30th, 2014 at 5:30 PM EDT.  A copy of our testimony is available here.