Freed from jail to protect him from coronavirus, Virginia rape suspect kills accuser

7 Aug , 2020  

With large numbers of inmates being released from jails and prisons across the country because of the Coronavirus, these types of crimes aren’t too surprising.

A rape suspect who was released from jail in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, went on to kill the woman who had accused him, police in Virginia say.



Gang member released without bail in New York City commits three more shootings

5 Aug , 2020  

With shootings in New York City in July up 177% over what they were a year ago, stories such as this one on the bail system in New York as well as moves to defund the police help explain the increase. In a previous era, a felon in possession of gun would have required bail, but not these days.…


On the Giant 50,000 Watt WWL: On The Benefits from People being able to Protect Themselves with Guns

2 Aug , 2020  

Dr. John Lott appeared on the Newell Normand Show to discuss the benefits from people being able to protect themselves with guns.

(Monday, July 27, 2020, from 10:10 to 10:30 AM)


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On Houston’s KSEV AM 700: “Gun Control Myths”

1 Aug , 2020  

Dr. John Lott talked to Mike Ferguson on his American Viewpoints radio show about Lott’s new book “Gun Control Myths.”

(Tuesday, July 21, 2020, from 5:32 to 5:45 PM)


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On Philadelphia’s 990 AM: “Gun Control Myths”

30 Jul , 2020  

Dr. John Lott talked to Chris Stigall on Philadelphia’s 990 AM about Lott’s new book, “Gun Control Myths.”

(Monday, July 27, 2020, from 8:35 to 8:44 AM)


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The Crime Prevention Research Center in Politico: Whose policies are actual the racist ones?

29 Jul , 2020  

The Politico belittles President Trump’s attempts to protect people and federal property against the riots as “Theater.” They describe the discussion as “Now President Donald Trump is indulging the dream more than any national leader in recent history, attempting to turn a major liberal city into an election-year example of his pledge to deliver law and order across the country.”…

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On Connecticut Today to discuss “Gun Control Myths”

28 Jul , 2020  

Dr. John Lott talked to Paul Pacelli about Lott’s new book, “Gun Control Myths.”

(July 23, 2020, from 3:05 to 3:28 PM)



“Peaceful protests” result in many dozens of police officers injured

27 Jul , 2020  

Channel 5 in Seattle had this headline on Sunday afternoon: “Seattle protests remain peaceful after 47 arrested in Saturday ‘riot’.”

ABC News Tweeted: “Protesters in California set fire to a courthouse, damaged a police station and assaulted officers after a peaceful demonstration intensified.

So much for the peaceful protests.…

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CPRC in the News: Issues & Insights, Business & Politics Reporter, Daily Wire, NewsMax, and more

25 Jul , 2020  

A study released in August 2018 found that over a 10-year period, CCW permits had increased roughly 275 percent — from 4.6 million permits in 2007 to over 17.25 permits in 2018, the Crime Prevention Research Center found.

The center discovered that the most notable demographic increases were among women and minorities.

“That increase in women and minorities mirrors their changing views on guns,” John Lott, the founder of the CPRC, told Fox News at the time.


Our video on Adam Lankford’s false claims on mass public shootings passes 6.4 million view mark, almost 5.5 million on Facebook

24 Jul , 2020   Video

UPDATE: The video that we did with John Stossel on Adam Lankford’s false claims about his claim that 31% of mass public shooters have been in the United States. Despite massive international media coverage and repeated requests from the Washington Post, Real Clear Politics, various researchers on both sides of the gun control debate, and others, Lankford has refused to let anyone see his claimed list of mass public shootings nor answered questions about how he was able to obtain a “complete list” of these attacks around the world in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s.…

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