On Oliver North’s Real American Heroes to Discuss Biden’s claims about Guns

28 Apr , 2021   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to Oliver North on his podcast Real American Heroes about Biden’s false claims on guns. More details on those false claims is available here and here.

(Tuesday, April 20, 2021)


More Lies by the Giffords Center on Gun Laws: False Claims about Baker Act and Red Flag Laws

27 Apr , 2021  

As is all too often, the Giffords Law Center mischaracterizes laws in ways that helps them advance their gun control effort. They have it wrong on the number of states that allow open carry of guns without a permit. They are wrong on the number of states that allow people to open carry without a permit.…


On Chicago’s WIND to discuss the George Floyd Murder Trial

21 Apr , 2021  

Dr. John Lott appeared on Shaun Thompson Show on Chicago’s WIND to discuss the George Floyd murder trial.

(Tuesday, April 20, 2021, from 7:05 to 7:25 PM)


On the Lars Larson Show: Biden’s False Claims about Gun Control

10 Apr , 2021  

Dr. John Lott talked to Lars Larson on his national radio show about Joe Biden’s false claims about gun control.

(On the national show, Thursday, April 8, 2021, from 7:20 to 7:30 PM)

Lars Larson’s National show is listened to by over 1.25 million people.


The Use Of Machine Guns On Television Shows Never Stops: ABC’s The Rookie

7 Apr , 2021   Video

As the Crime Prevention Research Center has pointed out many times, television crime shows seem to think criminals are constantly using machine guns to commit crime. This episode of ABC’s The Rookie (Season 3, Episode 3, January 17, 2021) has machine guns being used in separate attacks by different criminals twice during this show.…

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UPDATED: Compiling Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped likely mass public shootings

2 Apr , 2021  

This is a revised, updated version of a post originally written on April 21, 2015.

Columnist Eugene Volokh wrote in the Washington Post on April 20, 2015: “Have civilians with permitted concealed handguns stopped such mass shootings before?”  We provided Volokh with a list of such cases, which he used.

Below, we have collected news stories on more cases of permit holders stopping mass public shootings with their handguns (we separately collect cases where concealed handguns are used to stop other crimes).  …

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Featured, Mass Public Shootings

UPDATE: The false narrative of white supremacists doing mass public shootings: Racial, Gender, Religious and Political views of these killers from 1998 through March 2021

25 Mar , 2021  

Entertainment television continually provides a false impression of those who commit mass public shootings and how they commit them. Show after show has mass public shootings involving machine guns, though that never happens. But another myth is that attacks are frequently by white supremacists. In his first Townhall as president, Biden claimed: “And now a rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.”

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Criminals on television entertainment keep using machine guns: Again on NBC’s Chicago PD

18 Mar , 2021   Video

As the Crime Prevention Research Center has pointed out many times, television crime shows seem to think criminals are constantly using machine guns to commit crime. This episode of NBC’s Chicago PD (Season 8, Episode 8, March 10, 2021) has machine guns being used several times during this episode. The show refers to the machine guns being used as “Street Sweepers,” which while it surely sounds like a machine gun, was a semi-automatic rifle that was included in assault weapon bans.…


Biden’s likely ban on the importation of modern sporting rifles would have a big impact on an already tight market

16 Mar , 2021  

With record gun sales this last year as police have been ordered to stand down and massive numbers of inmates have been released from jails and prisons, the importation of guns in 2020 also surged by about 60% over the previous year. With an estimated 22.8 million firearms sold last year, 6.4 million, or 28%, of those guns were likely imported.…


CPRC in the News: The Epoch Times, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Raw Story, American Thinker, Tennessee Lookout, Patch, and much more

15 Mar , 2021  

Prominent economist and gun rights advocate John Lott said that the enhanced background checks contained in new House-passed measures would burden law-abiding citizens and not reduce crime.

The House approved two bills on Thursday that expand background checks on individuals who are seeking to purchase or transfer firearms and lengthens the review period for background checks from three days to up to 20.