Media Bias: Yet Another TV Police show illustrating a Defensive Gun Use Gone Wrong

Mar 30, 2024 | Media Bias

Television show bias against guns is never-ending. It is exceedingly rare to see an entertainment television show with a civilian successfully using a gun defensively. Instead, something always seems to go wrong when guns are used defensively (from being fatally shot by the criminal without stopping the crime to getting in the way of police to continually having the gun stolen and used in a crime to it being used in an accidental shooting). This episode of NBC’s Law & Order is no different (Season 23, Episode 4, February 8, 2024). In this episode, a woman obtained a gun illegally to carry for protection, but the gun is taken from her and is used to murder her.

If you watch entertainment television these days, you would never know that people use guns defensively some 2 million times a year. If you want some examples of people successfully using guns to stop crimes, here are some examples. Other examples of people using guns to stop mass public shootings are available here.

More examples of television coverage of defensive gun uses are available here.

Here is a video on Hollywood’s bias against guns.