Canada moves to a “Mandatory” Semi-Auto Rifle Buyback Program 

Jul 30, 2022 | Assault Weapon Ban, gun control

Under the label of “assault-style” weapon, the Canadian government plans to ban a broad range of semi-automatic rifles. They have already prohibited the sale or transfer of these guns, but now comes the mandatory confiscation. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair claims that the banned guns are made for “military use.”

 The buyback offer applies to the more than 1,500 models and variants of “assault-style” weapons the government banned the sale and use of on May 1, 2020. [A list of the 1,500 models and variants is available here.]

Rachel Aiello, “Gun buyback: Here’s how much the feds are proposing to pay for banned firearms,” CTV, July 28, 2022.

Examples of the prices being paid for these guns:

  •  AR Platform firearms such as the M16, AR-10, and AR-15 rifles, and the M4 carbine: $1,337
  •  Beretta Cx4 Storm: $1,317
  •  CZ Scorpion EVO 3 carbine and CZ Scorpion EVO 3 pistol: $1,291
  •  M14 Rifle: $2,612
  •  Robinson Armament XCR rifle: $2,735
  •  Ruger Mini-14 rifle: $1,407
  •  SG-550 rifle and SG-551 carbine: $6,209
  •  SIG Sauer MCX, MPX forearms such as the SIG Sauer SIG MPX carbine, and the SIG Sauer SIG MPX pistol: $2,369
  •  Vz58 rifle: $1,139