Despite Claims that they care about promoting Social Distancing, Virginia bans online classes for concealed handgun permits

21 Jan , 2021  

While Virginia colleges and K-12 schools have moved to online classes and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has waived certain training requirements for Class B commercial driver’s licenses, as of January 1, 2021, Virginia’s Democrats have ended online classes for concealed handgun permits. In addition, Northam imposed onerous COVID-19 restrictions on indoor shooting rangesHB 264 removed online course options and required an in-person qualifying firearm training or safety course.

Of course, this is part of a general approach by Democrats, where they make it difficult for private citizens to have guns for protection. For example, numerous states stopped issuing concealed handgun permits because of the Coronavirus. And, of course, Democrats have long made it as difficult as possible for law-abiding citizens to get guns by imposing high fees.



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