CBS’s Coyote: Uses a retired law and order border agent to make arguments for letting illegal aliens into US

Jan 22, 2021 | Illegal Aliens

Here are very short clips from three different episodes of Coyote (Season 1, Episodes 2, 3, and 4), but it will give you a taste of how the show makes arguments for letting illegal aliens into the US and how Mexico’s problems are really a result of the US. The attacks on the US are always given the last word. There are many more segments from this series that could be shown.

  1. Episode 2: The retired law and order border played by Michael Chiklis explains to his old partner to trust him that he has a good reason to bring an illegal alien from Central American into the United States. The woman had escaped the violence in her home country and then wanted to escape and abusive man whose child she was pregnant with.
  2. Episode 3: The second segment has a woman explaining to the border agent that the problems Mexico faces were because Americans buy illegal drugs. Chiklis has no response to her argument. To blame all of Mexico’s problems on the US and anything on its many decades of socialist policies and corruption is a bit much. Mexico had poverty and corruption issues long before there was an illegal drug problem.
  3. Episode 4: The third segment has a Mexican complaining about the facilities that the U.S. uses to detain illegal aliens as inhuman.




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