Defensive Gun Uses by People Legally Carrying in Public during eight days in December 2019

26 Dec , 2019  

These cases go from December 13th to the 21st.

Provo, Utah, December 16, 2019

A Provo man who police say shot and killed his neighbor after coming across a violent assault won’t face criminal charges, the Utah County Attorney’s Office said Monday. . . .

“Admissible evidence would not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that laws were violated,” the county attorney’s office said in a statement.

Police said Taylor arrived home that night to find Sorensen engaged in a physical struggle with an 18-year-old woman in the front driveway. Sorensen “had been stomping on the head” of the woman and was “trying to get into” her purse, according to witnesses.

Taylor, who was Sorensen’s downstairs neighbor, got out of his car, pulled out his concealed carry gun, and yelled at Sorensen to “stop assaulting the female or he would shoot,” police wrote in an affidavit. . . .

Poughkeepsie, New York, December 13, 2019

On Monday around 12 p.m. a 24-year-old a man called police to report he shot a man out of self defense and requested EMS to the scene on Morgan Ave, according to the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department.  

The man he shot was Mark I. Johnson, a 21-year-old Poughkeepsie man. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was pronounced dead at a local hospital around 1 p.m.. According to police, a handgun was recovered under his body. . . .

Battle Creek, Michigan, December 17, 2019

A 28-year-old Battle Creek man was arrested on a charge of larceny from a vehicle after Battle Creek police said he was caught and held at gunpoint by the female owner of the pickup. . . . She picked up her handgun and phone and confronted the man.

Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 17, 2019

Police say a FedEx driver fatally shot a suspect during an attempted robbery in Northeast Philadelphia on Tuesday night. The shooting happened shortly after 7 p.m. on the 600 block of Unruh Avenue in the city’s Lawndale neighborhood. . . .

Turtlecreek Township, Ohio, December 17, 2019

According to a press release from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, 18-year-old Dakota Cox of Kettering and four other teens, including Trudics, planned the robbery and kidnapping of an individual the night of Dec. 13. The individual was lured to a residence in the 1800 block of Oregonia Road in Turtlecreek Township.

According to police, upon arriving at the address, the individual was threatened with a bat and a firearm. Deputies say the subject then defended himself against attack with a firearm and in the ensuing battle, Mason Trudics was shot and killed and a 16-year-old was critically injured by gunfire. . . .

Petersburg, Virginia, December 18, 2019

Two people were wounded in a shootout in Petersburg Wednesday night after two teens robbed a food delivery driver.

A Petersburg Police spokesperson told 8News a teen boy and girl, both 16-years-old, robbed the delivery driver on Saint Mark Street. 

An employee of Mun Cheese Pizza & Grill on Washington Street told 8News the owner of the restaurant was the delivery driver who was robbed and shot. 

The 16-year-old boy and delivery driver were both injured in the shootout, though it’s unclear exactly how the incident unfolded. One was found on the 600 block of St. Mark Street and the other was found on the 600 block of Virginia Avenue. It’s unclear who was found at which location. 

A woman who lives in the area where the shootout occurred said she heard ‘a whole bunch of shots.’ . . .

Louisville, Kentucky, December 17, 2019

. . . He told WAVE 3 News he saw three teenagers pilfering the packages a few doors down.

“They opened the box, took out the content and threw the packing box down on the ground and took off walking down the street,” Rockwood said.

He said they all made eye contact and the thieves took off.

“I knew that they had taken something, so I said, ‘well, I’ll go see if I can’t retrieve it,’” Rockwood said

This is one defensive gun use that involved a case in the home. So he jumped in his car and followed them down the street.

“They threw down the package and went down the alley right between these houses right here,” Rockwood said.

He said he confronted them on Marquette Drive.

“I showed them I had a weapon and I said get on the ground,” Rockwood said. “Don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

Rockwood said two of the suspects took off. while another got on the ground. He said he held the teen there until St. Matthews Police came and arrested him. . . .

San Antonio, Texas, December 14, 2019, at KSAT.com

A man was fatally shot after he attacked his relative with a baseball bat at his own car wash.

The suspect used the bat when a disturbance escalated Saturday afternoon at the car wash in the 500 block of Division Ave., SAPD Sgt. Oscar O’Connor said.

The car wash owner acted in “self-defense” and shot the suspect, O’Connor said. . . . the suspect called the man over to the car wash, and that’s when an argument ensued. . . .

DeKalb, Georgia, December 21, 2019

Police confirmed one person was shot and killed at the Texaco gas station off Gresham Road. The shooter stayed on the scene and police have determined the shooting was in self-defense.

Police told Channel 2′s Lauren Davis that surveillance video shows the driver of a purple car was inside the car. When the victim drove up, the man got of a car and went over to the purple car.

Investigators said the two drivers got into an argument with each other. Multiple shots were fired, killing the victim.

The car that the victim arrived in drove away. The alleged shooter stayed at the scene. . . .

Wyandotte, Michigan, December 18, 2019

Imagine pulling into your driveway, opening the garage door and finding a stranger inside.

That’s the situation a Wyandotte woman found herself in, but the intruder soon found himself in an even more precarious position.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m. Dec. 5, in the 1200 block of Sixth Street. The woman told police she was running errands and upon returning home and opening the garage door, found a stranger sitting inside. Her husband ran out with a gun, pointed it at the 39-year-old Lincoln Park man, and called police.

“Don’t you move until the police arrive!” the resident reportedly yelled at the intruder. . . .

Eureka, Kansas, December 18, 2019

Upon arrival to the business, deputies made contact with the store owner. According to the store owner, just prior to deputies’ arrival a female suspect entered the business and inquired about selling baseball cards. As the store owner was completing the transaction, an unknown male suspect entered the business and attempted to steal the business’ money drawer.

A struggle ensued between the store owner and the male suspect. At some point during the altercation the store owner discharged a concealed firearm once. The suspects then reportedly fled the business, uninjured, on foot without the business’ money drawer. . . .

This is one case where the defensive gun use occurred in the home, but it was a particularly dramatic case.

Houston, Texas, December 17, 2019, KTRH

A gun-toting wife fought back against three men who attempted to steal money from her husband. . . .

Authorities say the woman’s husband was working outside of his house when he noticed a black four-door vehicle drive by his home slowly.

The man said the car made a U-turn and drove back towards his home and two men exited the vehicle and quickly ran up to him with guns.

The men then dragged him inside of his home and demanded money.

The man’s wife heard the commotion and grabbed a gun. She came out of the bedroom and pointed the gun at the two men, who then turned and shot towards her and ran away. . . .


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