Media Bias on Guns: Vermont’s weak gun control laws risked a mass public shooting

3 Aug , 2019   Video

CBS’ Elementary has yet another episode pushing gun control. In this episode, a New York City man who was planning to attack a speaking event got a gun from Vermont. He picked Vermont because of its supposedly weak gun control laws (the episode is about a year behind the times). Why he had to do that isn’t apparent. Why he couldn’t have purchased a gun in New York is never explained. The obvious point of the episode is that weak gun control laws made a mass shooting possible.

(CBS’ Elementary, Season 7, Episode 10, Thursday, July 25, 2019)



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  1. Robert Koehler says:

    I don’t watch the filth rampant on the leftist, progressive, marxist leninist national media, especially its mind and soul killing entertainment. If a person wished to preserve their mental health and prevent being reduced into a moronic, blithering idiot they won’t watch the sordid, lying crap that oozes into their living spaces from their TV’s or video monitors.

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