While Virginia Beach seeks to create more Gun-free zones after mass public shooting in a gun-free zone, Mt. Juliet, TN takes another approach

24 Jun , 2019  

Unfortunately, after a mass public shooting in a gun-free zone, members of the Virginia Beach City Council want to make sure that there are even more gun-free zones. However, not all municipalities in that direction. A commissioner in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee has introduced legislation to give city employees with a concealed handgun permit the ability to carry a concealed handgun at work. From the Nashville Tennessean:

. . . [Mt. Juliet Commissioner Art] Giles hopes legislation for the city commission to consider can be reintroduced in the coming weeks, he said.

“(City employees) need to have the same rights to protect themselves as everyday citizens,” he said.

Mt. Juliet Vice-Mayor James Maness backed Giles efforts to give city employees the option to be armed at work.

“Hopefully it serve as a deterrent that people will know our municipal buildings and (employees) are not an easy target,” Maness said if legislation is approved.

The city has about 185 employees, according to City Recorder Sheila Luckett.  That includes 57 full-time police officers who are already authorized to carry a gun on the job. The police department also has 27 volunteer reserve officers authorized to carry a gun when on duty as well.

Mt. Juliet employees are allowed now to keep a weapon in their vehicle on city property, City Manager Kenny Martin said. . . .

For a further discussion on these issues please see here.


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