On the Sinclair Broadcast Group: “Mass shootings in US compared with other countries”

Jun 9, 2019 | Media Coverage

Dr. John Lott was interviewed by Sinclair Broadcast Group about the Crime Prevention Research Center’s count of mass public shootings across countries. Sinclair references Snopes.com’s criticism of our work because we looked at the per capita rate of attacks across countries and Snopes argues that one should just look at the total number of attacks by country. They also interviewed a gun control advocate who pointed out the number of guns that we have in the US and how that has not been able to stop these attacks. But he misses that 98% of these mass public shootings keep occurring in places where guns are banned. It doesn’t do a person any good to own a gun for protection when it is at home. Plus regarding his claim that people never use guns to stop these mass public shootings is simply wrong.

If these points had been included this would have been a much more accurate video.

Links on data on mass public shootings around the world are here, here, and here.
Responses to Snopes.com claims are available here.
Examples of people stopping mass public shootings are available here.



  1. Kevin Butterfield

    Mass shooters purposely choose soft targets, such as gun free zones or places where they expect nobody to carry, you fucking nimrod. These statistics mean nothing. Take your rhetoric and cram it right up your ads. More armed citizens exercising their protected right is the best viable solution.

  2. Ramon

    Gun control advocates dont care about facts or believe in the constitution.