On the Kerry Lutz Show: On all the Gun Control laws being pushed by all the Democrat Presidential Candidates

11 Jun , 2019  

Dr. John Lott talked to Kerry Lutz about the push for more gun control laws by the Democratic Presidential candidates and also Michael Bloomberg’s unrelenting push for more gun control regulations.

(Monday, June 10, 2019)



2 Responses

  1. Tom Campbell says:

    The Progressivist Disarmament Movement is not interested in lowering violent crime. Its only interest is in achieving ultimate power over the US citizenry, which entails universal disarmament. The goal is clear, as is the thinking.
    So consistent is the complete disconnect between the gun-control program and any demonstrable connection of any agenda item to reducing violent crime that by now it is absolutely clear that disarmament is the real goal. That crime will rise as disarmament progresses will be ignored. We will eventually resemble Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, and other of the world’s most violent countries, and it won’t take very long.
    This result has been a philosophical goal of Progressivists since the mid19th Century, when this false philosophy developed among Communism, Socialism, National Socialism, and Social Darwinism. Against all of these basically government-unlimited philosophies, the Founders’ ideas have failed to hold up well among the current American populace, owing to poor education.
    It may or may not be possible, given the thundering trends in demographics favoring the Progressivists vs Conservatives, for this country to turn it around, vice delay the inevitable.

  2. Dewell Javier says:

    Thank you so much for your effort to keep subscribers and researchers well informed with factual data and statistics. I’m very glad that CPRC is placing alot of emphasis on calling out the progressives agenda for what it truly is about.

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