On Sebastian Gorka’s America First to discuss what they keep Secret about Mass Shootings

17 Jun , 2019   Video

Dr. John Lott joined Sebastian Gorka on America First to talk about what the media keep secret about mass public shootings, namely that they keep on occurring in gun-free zones. 98% of mass public shootings occur in gun-free zones, where victims are completely defenseless to stop an attack.

One of the victims in the Virginia Beach shooting wanted to have a gun for protection, but obeyed the gun-free zone regulations.

(Wednesday, June 12, 2019 5:40pm-5:48pm)



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  1. R H says:

    Seems you hurried past and missed Gorka’s attempt via dry cynicism (re. a CCW-legal employee NOT taking her gun into her no-guns workplace the day the mass killer came in) when he/Gorka said, re. her deciding not to go armed that day, “And this was reported widely in the media…[right?],” hoping his sarcastic and cynical “of course” remark re. media’s decisionmaking would drive you to erupt, “NO! No broadcaster mentioned that!”

    And somehow getting a bit more–but always smart–zap/punch/_____ behind oral statements to interviewers is an area to work up. Add a bit of drama, the Voice of God/Truth/Wisdom? Appearance–dark/almost-black suit, standing/sitting very upright–and vocal energy, some authentic public-speaking power delivery, can’t hurt. Like Arby’s, you have the meat, the beef. Now how to deliver it.

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