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Daily Caller, May 15, 2019

Here’s a truth that every American should consider: There are at least 18 states that allow teachers to carry guns. And yet, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, there has NEVER been a mass shooting attempted in any school where teachers are armed.

One Texas school has even posted signs which proudly boast that teachers “may be armed and will use whatever force is necessary” to protect students.

Armed teachers are an effective deterrent. Hopefully, that’s all they will ever have to be. But if they are called on to do more, there is no doubt they would capably defend their students. . . .


NBC Channel 4 WCMH-TV (Columbus, Ohio), May 23, 2019

The Crime Prevention Research Center released a report of concealed carry permit holders across the US in 2018 that stated one in 13 adults in Ohio have a concealed carry license. . . .


National Review, May 20, 2019

in 2001, John J. Donohue and Steven D. Levitt released a controversial paper arguing that legalized abortion reduced crime by culling out individuals who were at a higher risk of criminality. Any moral implications aside — I’d argue there are none, because it’s not okay to kill someone just because they’re at an elevated risk of committing a crime 20 years from now — the study was also subjected to withering technical criticisms. Most notably, John R. Lott and John E. Whitley ran a different analyis suggesting abortion may have increased crime; and a 2005 paper (updated in 2008) by Christopher L. Foote and Christopher F. Goetz pointed out a major coding error, made numerous critiques of the methodology, and found that the results weakened or disappeared when these problems were fixed. . . .


National Review, May 21, 2019

Economists John Lott and John Whitely, meanwhilehave argued that Donohue and Levitt’s hypothesis can be tested by analyzing the demographics of crime rates. If their theory is correct, there should be a decrease in the number of crimes committed by young people. However, between 1976 and 1998, murder rates for the oldest age groups steadily decreased, while the murder rates for younger age cohorts — which eventually began to include people born after Roe — increased. Lott and Whitely also found that murder-rate trends among young people did not vary much between the states that legalized abortion early and the states where abortion became legal only after Roe. . . .


The Epoch Times, June 2, 2019

Comparison With World Average

In a report published in November 2018, Dr. John Lott, Jr., founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), said “the U.S. is well below the world average in terms of the number of mass public shootings, and the global increase over time has been much bigger than for the United States.”

Lott analyzed data for 2,354 attacks and nearly 5,000 shootings overseas between 1998 and 2015, then compared them to data for the 53 attacks and 57 shooters that occurred here during the same period.

“Attacks in the U.S. are not only less frequent than other countries, they are also much less deadly on average. Out of the 97 countries where we have identified mass public shootings occurring, the U.S. ranks 64th in the per-capita frequency of these attacks and 65th in the murder rate,” the report said.

The report also pointed out that “not only have these attacks been much more common outside the United States, the U.S. share of these attacks have declined over time.

“There has been a much bigger increase over time in the number and severity of mass shootings in the rest of the world compared to the U.S.”

Separately, Lott told The Epoch Times that overseas mass public shootings have “been increasing at a three times faster rate.”

CPRC Criticized

The CPRC is often intensely criticized by Democrats and gun control activists as “pro-gun.”

South Carolina-based Democratic strategist Jimmy Williams, for example, dismissed CPRC as “a sham organization,” and told The Epoch Times that “Democrats running for president are in the mainstream of all American sentiment and polling: Ban the automatic weapons and background check for all weapon transfers.” . . .

Of CPRC’s report, Critchley said he questions if “it’s useful for the CPRC study to compare the U.S. with the rest of the world, which includes failing states wracked by terrorists and gangs. It seems to me it makes more sense to compare developed countries. . . . .


Fox News, June 4, 2019

To stay in step with the current mainstream-media narrative, Booker also told Tapper: “This is a uniquely American problem. We have carnage in our country at levels that no other nation sees.”

That statement isn’t just misinformation, it is completely false. Many other nations have higher murder rates per capita than the U.S. Even if Booker was only referring to mass murders, he’d be wrong. Last year John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, debunked a study that many on the anti-gun left cite to make this false claim. . . .


Townhall, May 21, 2019

In the latest two horrific school shootings, one at a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) high school in Highlands Ranch, CO, and the other at a college in Charlotte, NC, two courageous students lost their lives as they tackled the shooters to stop the slaughter.

Never again should another precious young person with his whole life ahead of him need to die as a first responder.

Now we know they don’t have to because armed and willing school staff can keep them safe. This is the take-away from a new study from the Crime Prevention Research Center after analyzing nearly 20 years of comprehensive data from reliable, respected sources including the National School Safety Centers (NSSC) report, “School Associated Violent Deaths” and the Washington Post’s database of school shootings.

The report’s conclusion: “There hasn’t been a single mass public shooting in any school that allows teachers and staff to carry guns legally. Since at least as far back as January 2000, not a single shooting-related death or injury has occurred during or anywhere near class hours on the property of a school that allows teachers to carry.”  . . .


AlphaNews, June 7, 2019

Suppressors do not make gunfire silent, or even quiet, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. The decibel (dB) level of a Glock 17 9mm, a gun similar to the one used in Virginia Beach, with a suppressor is still 126 dB, or between a thunderclap and a cheering stadium. Police responding to the Virginia Beach shooting reported the “sounds of gunfire” led them to the shooter, according to USA Today.

“Despite what you might believe from watching TV shows or movies or listening to gun control advocates, suppressors (commonly known as ‘silencers’) do not make guns ‘silent,’ not unless you consider an ambulance siren or a jackhammer are silent,” said John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. . . .


NewsBusters, May 23, 2019

On Saturday’s Smerconish show, CNN host Michael Smerconish responded to the Virginia Beach shootings by beginning his show with a commentary complaining about the absence of new gun control in the aftermath of other such shootings, and recalled dropping his NRA membership years ago.

Smerconish’s liberal commentary even inspired agreement from DNC chair Evan Perez who appeared as a guest in the next segment. . . .

After starting his commentary by regrettting that many have “become accustomed to” mass shootings and that they are unlikely to result in any new gun control, he continued:

I threw in the towel after Sandy Hook. If the murder of 20 children didn’t change anything, then nothing will because, as we’ve shown time and again, we lack the collective will to fundamentally retrench from ingrained notions of gun ownership in American society. We have a disproportionate number of weapons in this country and, not surprisingly, an outsized amount of gun violence.

But right-leaning crime researcher John Lott has documented that the U.S. has disproportionately fewer mass shooting deaths in public places than other parts of the world.

The CNN host noted his negative view of the NRA as he added: “And, by the way, I offer these thoughts as a firearm owner, but someone who decades ago quit the NRA. And oh how pleased I’d be to have my pessimism proven wrong.”


Ammoland, May 28, 2019

Recently, researcher Dr. John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, wrote in the Washington Times that, “Every one of the 24 Democratic presidential candidates support more gun control.” So, Hickenlooper has lots of company in the Democratic Party’s apparent crusade to transform the right to keep and bear arms into something less GOD given rights like.

Lott discussed the plans put forth by Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California. Buried in his Op-Ed, Lott made what some might consider a rather lukewarm assessment of Democrat Party intentions when he wrote:

“Mr. Booker says that he wants to close the so-called “Charleston Loophole,” but this betrays a lack of understanding of existing gun law. Charleston Church killer Dylann Roof was only charged with misdemeanor drug possession. Even if he’d been convicted, the federal background check system would not have red-flagged his gun purchase. So, there’s no loophole to be closed, unless Democrats are in favor of stripping people of their constitutional rights for misdemeanor drug possession.”, June 3, 2019

More and more Americans have trickled into the personal protection and concealed carry worlds with current estimations at 17.25 million permit holders nationwide, according to the latest report from the Crime Prevention Research Center. This influx of gun owners with a specific mission of concealed carry brings with it a need for convenience — thrusting single-stack pistols back into the limelight. Gun owners no longer wish to hide their gun wares beneath bulky vests or jackets. Ease has become the name of the game and this new generation of concealers is opting for single-stack shooters that allow for utmost convenience. . . .

NewsBusters, May 23, 2019

On Tuesday’s CBS Evening News, a report filed by Nikki Battiste promoted the alleged need for stricter safe storage laws that would threaten criminal punishment for parents who do not safely store their guns within certain guidelines.

Even though researchers like John Lott have found that such laws are more of a problem for gun owners than a help, the report only devoted 21 seconds out of an almost two and a half minute report to giving some of the NRA’s point of view against such laws. . . .


Life News, May 23, 2019

Economists John Lott and John Whitely, meanwhilehave argued that Donohue and Levitt’s hypothesis can be tested by analyzing the demographics of crime rates. If their theory is correct, there should be a decrease in the number of crimes committed by young people. However, between 1976 and 1998, murder rates for the oldest age groups steadily decreased, while the murder rates for younger age cohorts — which eventually began to include people born after Roe — increased. Lott and Whitely also found that murder-rate trends among young people did not vary much between the states that legalized abortion early and the states where abortion became legal only after Roe. . . .


OpsLens, May 22, 2019

School districts allowing armed teachers and administrators on campus during the school day, as a policy, hasn’t been around for long, so there hasn’t been much official research. But thanks to Dr. John Lott, and the Crime Prevention Research Institute (CPRI), that is changing.


American Thinker, May 19, 2019

Gun-free zones have been the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings (Crime Prevention Research Center)  (Anti-Gun Groups support GFZ’s) . . .


NOQ Report, May 19, 2019

Red Flag Gun Laws are a direct attack on the 2nd and 4th Amendments. Depending on the version of the law, citizens can have their firearms forcibly removed from them by law enforcement when a judge decrees they may be a threat to themselves or others based on requests by people who know the victim. It’s important to understand that these laws are not based on anyone committing a crime. They are based on a feeling that someone may commit a crime.

It’s like the movie Minority Report, only without psychics. Gun owners’ liberties can be encroached based on the government’s “future crimes division.”

In this video, Massey gets to the heart of the matter by talking to Colorado Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams and Dr. John R. Lott of Crime Prevention Research Center. This is an important video for #2A proponents across the nation. . . .


World Net Daily, May xx, 2019

The Crime Prevention Research Center found that the crime rate among illegal immigrants in Arizona is twice that of other residents.

John R. Lott Jr., the report’s author and president of the research center, explained that past studies typically didn’t look at legal versus illegal populations of immigrants.

The report, using a previously untapped set of data from Arizona, found that while illegal immigrants between 15 and 35 are less than 3 percent of the state’s population, they comprise nearly 8 percent of its prison population. . . .


KTSA Radio, June 6, 2019, KXL FM Radio, June 5, 2019

Lars brings on Dr. John Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center, author most recently of “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies”, to discuss how loud suppressors actually are and why they’re looking to ban them in light of last week’s mass shooting in Virginia. . . .


BuzzFeedNews, May 23, 2019

This long-running and contentious statistical debate began with the 1998 book More Guns, Less Crime by John Lott Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center. Since its publication, 11 states have loosened right-to-carry laws, and more than 30 states now allow the open carrying of a gun without a permit. . . .

Lott, however, was strongly dismissive of the study, arguing that the bulk of reports over the last two decades have supported his findings, or found no effect on violent crime rates. “Basically, poor areas are more likely to be affected by violent crime, so lowering barriers to permits has a bigger effect in states that do so,” Lott told BuzzFeed News, an effect he said the new study didn’t account for.

He complained that more right-to-carry studies than his, finding no effect or reduced crime rates, “have gotten no news coverage.” . . . .


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  1. Tom Campbell

    The conclusions of increases in violent crimes makes me wonder how it was that violent crimes dropped in numbers and rates pretty uniformly from the early 1990s thru 2014 across the country and in most all states. Something here just doesn’t make sense.


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