Democrat State Senator says Senator pushing Constitutional Carry has “some mental problems”

19 Apr , 2019  

In a debate over a Constitutional Carry bill, Alabama’s Democratic state Senator Vivian Davis Figures had this to say about State Sen. Gerald Allen’s (R-Tuscaloosa) and the bill that he supported (SB 4).

You even want to repeal a part of the law that’s in place now about carrying weapons into a demonstration, where everyone knows that the emotions are high … and we also know Congresswoman (Gabby) Giffords (of Arizona) was actually shot during that time, during a demonstration. … I really don’t understand it. I’ve always gotten an ‘F’ from the National Rifle Association and that’s a proud ‘F’ that I receive… I just don’t understand the mentality of what you guys or – or what you guys continue to push to do. Particularly, with all the gun violence that is happening, to allow a person to be able to get a gun who has mental problems – to me that says the person who’s pushing that has some mental problems.” They don’t understand why people with mental issues shouldn’t have a weapon.”

Given that Figures objects to anyone carrying concealed handguns during demonstrations, her objection isn’t just to Constitutional carry. She would oppose this change even under a system with permits, and she doesn’t seem to understand how incredibly law-abiding concealed handgun permit holders are.

She also doesn’t seem to understand that people who have been involuntarily committed for mental illness aren’t legally allowed to buy or own a gun. The notion that a permit to carry will prevent someone who is mentally ill who wants to cause harm from illegally carrying seems extremely unlikely.

Figures misses that the very people she represents, poor blacks in high crime urban areas, are the ones who will most benefit from Constitutional Carry. See Dr. Lott’s recent testimony in Kentucky here.

Perhaps Figures comments are not too surprising given her past history. While Obama was president, Figures claimed that Republicans opposed Obama’s policies because they were racist.


3 Responses

  1. Tom Campbell says:

    If Figures claims GOPers opposing O’B’s policies are racist, then she is the Racist in Fact.

    The first to play the Race Card is the real racist.

  2. 2brknot2bfree says:

    Given that leftism (Marxism) is a mental disease, that all sinful acts require some amount of a lapse in mental acuity, since greed, and envy, are sinful behaviors, it is not hard to comprehend how this senator can’t understand the need to protect onbe’s self. The correct state of mind is to want to do no harm, but if harm is sought against you, to want to defend yourself.
    The piece doesn’t mention whether she carries, or has a permit. If she does not, why not? Is her mental acuity, her desire to remain alive, not top of the order for her?

  3. Gregg. S. Pennington says:

    Ask yourself this honest question. If a state can first disarm you for any reason what so ever, what does that state intend as a resulting outcome later down the road ? Why do they not want you able to defend yourself as a private citizen ? What are they setting you up for that they can see from their position that you cannot see because you do not share that point of view with them ? Think about it carefully !

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