Why do Democrats keep pushing Universal Background Checks as a way to stop Mass Public Shootings?

Feb 17, 2019 | Featured

Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) pushes gun background checks on private transfers because “We Could Have Parkland at Any Time,” but there is not 1 mass public shooting this century that would have been stopped by this law. So why do gun controllers keep pushing it as a solution?

As usual, this interviewer on CNN refuses to ask a tough question. Why not ask McBath to name one mass public shooting, such as the Parkland tragedy that she refers to, where background checks on the private transfer of guns would have mattered? The reason is that there isn’t one mass public shooting this entire century that would have been stopped by this law being in effect.

JOHN BERMAN (Host): “This is the part of the conversation where no doubt everyone always says to you, ‘Yeah, it got through your committee, it might go through the Democratic House, but this has no chance of getting through the Senate.’ What do you say to them?”

LUCY McBATH: “I don’t believe that. I believe there are senators sitting on the Republican side that truly know we are doing the right thing. And I think going forward, people will have to be very aware what their constituency is going to be expecting of them. When numbers of people all around the country understand they could have a Parkland at any time in their communities, I think people are beginning to stand up and say, ‘This just makes sense.’ It’s common sense.”

(CNN, February 15, 2019)

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  1. ezkl2230

    Rep. McBath. Her son was shot a few years ago by a white CPL holder who didn’t like the music he was playing. He LEGALLY purchased/owned his firearm, something McBath knows full well. She also knows that this bill would not have stopped her son from being killed. This is about vengeance for her son’s death, taking it out on all lawful gun owners.


    • Fred Miller

      Thanks EZKL –

      Your explanation is the first one I’ve seen that makes any (but tiny) sense at all to explain the insanity of calling for universal background checks. After all, with only one exception, all of these shootings have taken place by people who passed a background check. It just never occurred to me that their twisted logic was driven by REVENGE. It now helps me understand a little.

  2. Anthony Dalrymple

    How would universal background checks prevented the Parkland shooting? One thing that would have prevented the shooting would have been the local Police doing more about the calls and concerns that were reported about the shooter. There were signs that were over looked and mishandled! We need to start blaming the shooters and parents who are not responsible enough to lock up their weapons or make them easily accessible to others and not place those burdens on the responsible gun owning, law abiding people of this great nation!

    • Jason

      Anthony, you do realize that you just ASKED for “red flag laws” right?

  3. 2aguy

    They know universal background checks will not stop criminals or mass shooters from getting guns…that is the point. If they get universal background checks, criminals will still get guns, mass shooters will still get guns…..sooo…..they will then come back and say “see, this is why we now need, and demand, universal gun registration. We can’t stop criminals and mass shooters with universal background checks if we don’t know who owns the guns and where they are.” So, they will then begin the drum beat for UBCs. They will start with the fake polls showing that uninformed Americans now want gun registration, and the same techniques will be used to push that agenda……every crime, every mass shooting will be used as a reason that we need gun registration to make Universal background checks to work…..all the while knowing gun registration was their real goal in the first place.