CBS’ Bull warning that “everyone and their uncle has a gun” in this country and that is what makes it so dangerous

Feb 21, 2019 | Featured

CBS’ Bull (Season 3, episode 12) is about a man in witness protection who has been murdered. The government is being sued for not properly protecting the man, and their initial defense is that the murder had nothing to do with him being in witness protection. The wife of the murdered man is shown in the clip where she is complaining about the risk of being shot to death in the United States, as she says “everyone and their uncle has a gun” in this country and that is what makes it so dangerous. There were other anti-gun comments in this episode.

The claim that those countries with the highest gun ownership rates have the highest murder/homicide rates is simply false.

(Show was aired on CBS on Monday, February 18, 2019)

If you want to see other recent examples of television show media bias on guns see here. Another example involving CBS’s Bull is available here.



  1. Geary Mcdevitt

    It all over the network shows,
    Last night on SWAT
    A group of LGBT’s were going to the range regularly, and SWAT was agast.

  2. Fred Miller

    This is just one of the reasons that I stopped watching shows like this and “Last Survivor”. Once they start lecturing me about gun-control and climate-change, I turn them off and never turn them back on. Too bad. I wonder how many pretty-good shows have lost a lot of viewership because of their lectures instead of entertainment.

    • HRColey

      Me too, Fred. I refuse to contribute my money to hoplophobes. If the actors are anti-gun I refuse to be a part of their over-inflated paychecks. If they would take away my freedom I’m not watching any programs that would try to take away my ability to defend myself.

    • HRColey

      Me too, Fred. I refuse to contribute my money to hoplophobes.

  3. Huggy

    Well, add “Bull” and Micheal Weatherly to my growing list of celebrity and media shows I can add to my “GET FUCKED” list now can’t I?

  4. Willie Aponte

    I am a strong 2nd Amendment supporter. I saw that episode and was not put off by the story line. The person making the comment was a distraught wife whose husband was just shot to death. That was a perfectly normal response for a person in that situation. The episode was not about gun control but rather about government failure and in the end it was an FBI agent who tried to intimidate the husband into testifying who actually (and accidentally) killed him.

    WE have got to stop being so damn sensitive. WE do not, should not play the victim as the left is wont to do.

  5. Bobbo

    There are lies, damn lies & political lies. This episode covered them all.
    NOT watching shows like this is huge. Not subscribing to cable or satelite also helps.
    Making repeated contact w/politicians to pull funding for propaganda television also helps- as in public television.
    One ought get involved in PACs. Recognizing most pro 2A groups for the fraud they are (are you listening NRA?) & avoiding them is huge.
    Talk it up w/fellow conservatives & getting them off the couch is huge.
    What impact does one have being a couch potato? Negative impact! Get off the couch & get involved.
    Email politicians- all hours of the day & night. This will keep their cell phones buzzing- maximum impact.
    A few Pro 2A groups are good- they’ll hurt politicains when they vie for office. These are the types of groups you want to support.


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