South Dakota may become the 23rd state allowing people to carry guns on Capitol grounds

23 Dec , 2018  

South Dakota’s House Majority Leader is sponsoring legislation that allows concealed carry, with an enhanced pistol permit, in the South Dakota Capitol and any county courthouse. In 2017, the bill was passed 46-20 in the House and 19-15 in the Senate, but Governor Daugaard vetoed it. The governor-elect Kristi Noem is much more sympathetic to such legislation. If passed, South Dakota would represent the 23rd state that allows guns to be carried at state Capitols. Along with Constitutional Carry, South Dakota may be an interesting state to watch this year.

UPDATE: On the other hand, Democrats who have taken over the New Hampshire state House are moving to ban people from carrying guns in the House half of the Capitol (more articles are available here and here).


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  1. Charles Jessee says:

    NH Democrats are again pushing to ban firearms (CCW/Open) from the NH State House. Sadly, the ban is enacted whenever Democrats are in the majority, despite zero incidents over the course of history https://www.unionleader.com/news/politics/state/democrats-aim-to-revive-gun-ban-in-house-chamber/article_6fb6642c-5c93-525f-b2e1-786875707d97.html

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