The Associated Press cites our research on number of states that allow teachers and school staff to carry guns

9 Aug , 2018  

The CPRC has compiled a list of states that allow teachers or staff to carry guns at school. After the Parkland school shooting in February, Florida passed a law mandating that all schools in the state hire police to guard their schools. Thirteen of the school districts in Florida are arming volunteer administrators, custodians, and other non-classroom staff members. The Associated Press article discusses preparations for the new school year, and cites the CPRC’s list of states that allow teachers and staff to carry. From the article:

About 30 states allow school employees to carry firearms, with varying restrictions, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. Florida joined them after the Parkland shooting, but left this decision up to each district. . . .

This absence of problematic incidents at these schools makes it harder for gun control advocates to make extreme claims about the dangers of letting teachers and staff carry guns at school. If we have all these people carrying guns, and yet there aren’t news stories of accidents or other problems, the public may see the fearmongering of gun control advocates for what it is.

Some of the news media using the AP story include:


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