“Suspected Walmart robber tries to carjack two different cars, both drivers pull out guns”

14 Jun , 2018  

The robber tries to carjack a vehicle, but the driver pulls a concealed handgun on him. He then tries to carjack a second driver, only to find that she is also armed. At that point, the robber gives up and hid in the restroom of a nearby store. The video here says it all.

Jacksonville, Florida, June 12, 2018 (Miami Channel 7)

Police say a man who tried to carjack two people was thwarted after the victims both pulled out guns to protect themselves.

According to Fox 30, Jacksonville police officers arrested 36-year-old Christopher Raymond Hill, charging him with strong-arm robbery, carjacking with firearm or deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and trespassing.

Detectives said the incident began when Hill robbed a Walmart liquor store, and attempted to flee in a silver Ford SUV. However, witnesses said the vehicle would not start, so he first tried to carjack Scott Reardean at knifepoint, cutting him on his arms and legs.

“I reached in between my glove box and my console, between my seats, reached down and got my weapon and brandished it for him,” Reardean told WJXT. “He was like, ‘Don’t shoot me.’ I was like, ‘Then get out of here.’”

Reardean said he was glad he had his gun with him for self-defense. . . . .


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  1. Bill Wood says:

    The police cannot be everywhere. Crime IS everywhere. This is a fact of life from time immemorial. Yes, I agree that there has to be a vetting process before someone can purchase a gun. No, the possession of a gun does not guarantee you your safety in all circumstances. The one thing that gun possession / ownership does is lessen the odds that you will be a victim of a crime. Reasonable laws on gun control and concealed carry are not unreasonable. We as a nation must find this ballance.

  2. Michael Fallon says:

    Notice that this story never made any national news. Doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s agenda. Not one, but two law abiding Floridians, minding their own business, and suddenly they are physically threatened by this robbery suspect. I would advise however to ALWAYS, ALWAYS lawfully carry your firearm ON YOUR PERSON with a sturdy gun belt and quality holster.

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