Woman who uses her gun to save officer’s life is being sued by criminal’s family for wrongful death

29 Apr , 2018  

In February 2017, we posted links to news stories discussing how a woman named Kystie Jaehnen had come to the aid of an officer who was being beaten by a criminal.  Sergeant William Halbig, President of Laughery Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, posted this account of what happened:

The suspicious person was parked in a elderly persons yard for an extended period of time, blocking her driveway, and creating a road hazard. Shortly after a Police Officer arrived in response to the call. The man began resisting and both the Officer and man went to the ground. A young woman (Kystie)standing nearby on her property ran to help the Officer. Kystie could see the Officer was loosing the fight as this man reached for the Officers gun. Fortunately for the Officer, Kystie was armed and shot the man one time which ended the fight.

Indiana State Police conducted the investigation, which was reviewed by the Dearborn County, Indiana Prosecutors Office, and the findings were that Kystie’s actions were deemed justified and no criminal charges were filed. . . .

Holland’s family has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer who was being attacked, as well as Kystie.  The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is covering the officer’s legal costs.  Meanwhile, the FOP is so appreciative that Kystie saved the officer’s life that they have set up a go fund me page to raise money to cover her legal costs.


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  1. Zundfolge says:

    Holland’s family and their attorney need to be in prison … or the ground.

  2. Stephen Challis says:

    The world has gone crazy.with criminals playing victims and Police being hunted by BLM

  3. Joe America says:

    Think about the lesson this sends to the public: when you see a law enforcement officer in danger you had BETTER NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT HELPING THEM.

    How much longer will Americans lie down for this before they decide that we no longer have legitimate governments in this country and they decide it would be better to just overthrow this rotten society and put our (((elites))) in the ground where they belong? THE DAM IS ABOUT TO BREAK.

    • DanLazar says:

      My feelings exactly. Yet, there are bleeding heart millenials that would rather see a police officer shot and killed than justice being done. These are the same deranged Trump bashers that wouldn’t know justice if it hit them in the head. yet when they are victims of felons they cry like babies. This is sick.

    • Adam Skinner says:

      While I can agree that this sort of thing sends a terrible message to the public that they risk more than their safety when they come to the aid of the Police, all that stuff about putting people in the ground is just unhelpful BS. Rather than spitting your pacifier why not try writing to your Senator, Governor, Mayor etc, and let them know the system that allows this to happen is broken. I’ve always thought the US legal system was more about money, trying your luck with a law suit, doing deals and making ethical compromises because it will cost and risk less than relying on being in the right and getting real justice from the courts. The plea deals that D.As do to get a conviction are bound to lead to injustice with so many people pleading guilty to a reduced charge rather than risk being found guilty of some other charge the DA threatens them with that could mean going to jail for decades. What do you expect when D.As are politicians?

    • RUTH SLATER says:

      your exactly right . This is insane to think those people could even think of suing for that low down scum bag that attacked that officer .Disgusting and should not be allowed to continue EVER . THIS COUNTRY BETTER MAKE SOME REAL SINCERE CHANGES ON WHAT WE ARE GOING TO TOLERATE .

  4. Jonathan says:

    The Hollands should have raised a better son instead of the POS they unleashed on society. Good ridence to bad rubbish. Thank you Kystie for taking out the trash.

  5. Jugeroybean says:

    Counter sue lawyer and plaintifs.

  6. Alison Clark says:

    This is ridiculous! Why are they being allowed to file the suit? He was resisting the officer, reached for the officer’s gun and was shot for it. What was he going to do with the officer’s gun if he got it? Stand there? I think not!!! If more folks did this, criminals would think twice. I hope his family loses the case against the officer and the woman.

  7. Flybob says:

    She shot the wrong guy first…..should have shot the lawyer first and THEN the bad guy…..lawyers are KILLING AMERICA PEOPLE!!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!

  8. Wesley Bielinski says:

    What we need to do is get laws passed that punish frivolous lawsuits like this. If there are no criminal charges and you pursue a civil case and lose then you must pay the legal fees and damages to the person sued. That would stop these stupid lawsuits in their tracks.

  9. Guy A. Relford says:

    I am Kystie’s attorney. This frivolous lawsuit has now been dismissed, thankfully. And while I don’t wish Kystie’s experience on anyone, we were able to use her case as a reason for a dramatic change in Indiana Law. Through “Kystie’s Law,” HEA 1284, which was signed into law by Gov. Holcomb on April 27 and went into effect immediately, Indiana has now created complete civil immunity when force is used lawfully in self-defense or the defense of a third person. A presumption arises that force was lawful when a person is not prosecuted for a crime based on their use of force, and if a lawsuit is brought by a person committing a forcible felony at the time lawful force was used against them (or their estate), that person has to reimburse the defendant(s) for their attorneys fees. We believe this is now among the strongest civil immunity statutes in the country and Kystie was a wonderful spokesperson to get the law through the legislature and signed by the Governor. The full text of HEA 1284 can be seen here: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2019/bills/house/1284#document-6b89a6f6

    • SGT_Wombat says:

      This is AWESOME! Now everybody needs to contact there Senators and Congressmen and get this passed nationally.

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