Media bias on NBC’s Chicago PD: telling permit holder threatened by gang members to leave his gun at home, when he doesn’t he is killed

Feb 3, 2018 | Featured

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NBC’s shows real bias when they have a segment on this small business owner having a concealed handgun permit holder (Chicago PD, Season 5, Episode 13). With gang members threatening the small business owner, the police officer tells the permit holder to leave his gun at home.  The small business owner doesn’t follow instructions and he is killed by the gang members.  The last part of the segment focuses on the permit holder’s gun laying next to his dead body. There is a third segment of the episode (not shown) where the video from a surveillance camera shows the businessman being beaten to death after he drew his gun.

There is no discussion about the fact that having a gun is the safest course of action to follow when someone is confronted by a criminal.  No discussion about how the police can’t be there all the time to protect the individual.  The only thing that the episode indicates is that if the man had only followed the officer’s advice and not had a gun with him, he would still be alive.

Putting aside the statistics on these issues, here are some real-life stories about defensive gun uses with permitted concealed handguns in Chicago and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, CBS also has a recent episode of Hawaii 5-O that is biased against permitted concealed handguns (see here). Other examples of media bias on TV shows are available hereherehere, and here.

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