28 month delay to get a concealed handgun permit in Riverside County, California

6 Jan , 2018  

From the Desert Sun in Palm Springs, California, which is located in Riverside County:

It was the summer of 2016 when Steve Perkio, a retired construction worker with a love for the outdoors, walked into the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department headquarters with his paperwork in hand. Perkio planned to spend much of his retirement camping in the rural wilderness, where he would often be isolated and alone, so he figured it was wise for him to start carrying a gun for protection.

Perkio turned in his application for a concealed weapon license and asked how long the review process would take. A polite sheriff’s deputy showed him several two-foot stacks of unprocessed applications, each one just like his. . . .

The wait would be about 28 months.

“It was a shock,” said Perkio, 56, who is licensed to carry a gun in 26 states, but a year-and-a-half later is still waiting for his application to be processed in Riverside. “If something happens in the meantime, this is a Second Amendment opportunity to protect myself that I simply don’t have.” . . .

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  1. Rich Rahner says:

    Here in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY we are experiencing similar delay tactics in the issuance of pistol permits. 12 months at the soonest up to 2 years present. It’s disgusting. It’s unconstitutional and a deliberate assault on the populace by the democrats in charge of the process. They do everything in their power to limit and discourage the citizens from exercising their rights and keeping themselves and their families safe.

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