CPRC ad on Twitter not approved because of “inappropriate language”

Nov 6, 2017 | Featured

Yesterday, we put up a post on the CPRC website noting that a law-abiding citizen had stopped the mass public shooting at the Texas church.  We were putting this out hours before the national media was picking up on this important story.  Dr. Lott had put this up on his Twitter feed and tried to get some more attention for it by paying for a Twitter Ad campaign.  So what was the offending language in the Tweet?  The link to the Tweet is available here.

Twitter’s email to us wasn’t until 26 hours later.  Possibly someone can explain what was so offensive about our Tweet.



  1. Fred Miller

    This is just ONE of the many reasons why I left Twitter and Facebook years ago. It’s OK for some people to suggest harming the President but it’s not OK to use the “G” word in an advertisement.

    Thanks for your inciteful comments about the good guy Dr. Lott.

  2. Michael R Brannick

    Maybe if you had said he caused a small projectile to enter the body of the criminal (probably can’t call him a shooter, either)they would have taken it. Or would projectile be too violent a word? Maybe replace that with “a mall piece of metal.”