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Oct 16, 2017 | Featured

Metro News, October 13, 2017

But John Lott, president of the pro-Second Amendment Crime Prevention Research Center, says these statistics are a kind of feel-good data sets that should rely on a whole host of other information, like culture, demographics and rural/urban makeup that isn’t factored in.

“[The gun death rates] are low despite the strict gun control laws, not because of them,” he said. . . .

But Lott warns of a possible side effect — taking guns out of the hands of the law-abiding.

Seventy-one percent of mass shootings since 2000 have been perpetrated with legally purchased weapons, according to Mother Jones, but Lott said people motivated to those actions would find another way.

“The main person you’ll be giving an advantage to is the killer,” he said. “The notion you’re going to stop them from getting the [weapons] just isn’t serious.” . . .

NBC Channel 15 (Mobile, Alabama), September 20, 2017

New numbers show the concealed carry permits in nationwide and Mobile County noticed an increase in 2016, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. . . .

The latest numbers show that numbers are down some from 2016, but women specifically seem to be taking an interest in getting permits. . . .

Indianapolis Star, October 12, 2017

Indiana’s Republican-dominated legislature has built a reputation for expanding gun rights.

Nearly 16 percent of Hoosier adults had a carry permit in 2016, securing Indiana’s spot as the No. 2 state with the highest percentage of permit-holding adults, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. More than 815,000 Hoosiers have a permit today. . . .

World Net Daily, October 11, 2017; Investor’s Business Daily, October 12, 2017; Townhall, October 12, 2017; Toronto Sun, October 15, 2017; Patriot Post, October 12, 2017; St. George’s The Spectrum, October 12, 2017; GOPUSA, October 12, 2017

True, Australia, over 20 years ago, banned semi-automatic and self-loading rifles, as well as self-loading and pump-action shotguns. The government offered up to a one-year grace period during which it would buy back the banned firearms at preset “market value” prices, financed by a tax on health insurance. After that, people possessing the banned weapons would be subject to strict penalties, including imprisonment.

But did Australia’s gun buyback program reduce violent gun crime?

No, according to John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center. “Their firearms homicide rate,” said Lott, “had been falling for a decade prior to the buyback. It continued falling at the same rate after the buyback. There was no sudden drop, just a fairly constant decline that continued even as gun ownership rose back up to previous levels. The armed robbery rate rose in the first five years after the buyback. After another 10 years, the rate had fallen to pre-buyback levels.” . . .

The Daily Caller, October 3, 2017

Gun control has once again become a central issue in national politics, following the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas, and Democratic lawmakers are already calling for stricter gun control reforms. But can these desired gun control laws actually prevent mass shootings?

John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime And Gun Control Laws,” claims that gun violence is not a problem that can be legislated away. The author said that it’s Democrats pushing gun control that don’t have American’s best interests at heart.

“We don’t even know all the facts yet. What is going to happen is Democrats are trying to push for this poison pill. The main reason they push these reforms is because they want to make it costly for people to go and buy guns,” Lott told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Background checks are presented as simple and cheap, Lott said, but are actually a way of pricing out potential gun owners by charging them higher rates for approval.

“It costs $175 to do a background check on a private transfer. Those are real costs. It may not stop you or I from buying a gun but it will stop minorities in high crime neighborhoods,” Lott said. “Under Obama you had things like the social security rule that said if people got help with their finances, they couldn’t go and own a gun. Two million people on social security would be banned from buying a gun, and they’ve been doing the same things to veterans.” . . .

AM New York, October 10, 2017

Backers of the bills say legislation, which has been referred to relevant committeees, is necessary given the patchwork of state laws that expose the travelers to needless arrests. Backers point to the experiences of law-abiding travelers unaware of other states’ tougher gun laws.

“Truck drivers may be carrying valuable cargo from New Hampshire to Ohio,” said John R. Lott Jr., a researcher and gun rights advocate. New York’s restrictive laws, he said, “could disarm them through their whole trip.” . . .

Providence Journal, September 27, 2017

The first panel included Andrew Smith of the University of New Hampshire, Kimball Brace of Election Data Services Inc., and John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. They testified about the effects of election integrity issues on voter confidence.

Lott also testified that his statistical analyses show that, contrary to the narrative myth pushed by some, voter ID does not depress voter turnout. In fact, there is some evidence that it may increase turnout because it increases public confidence in elections. . . .

Silver City Sun-News (Silver City, New Mexico), September 27, 2017

Generally, Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws impose criminal and/or civil liability on parents, guardians or other adults when children access their firearms. . . . .

New Mexico already has laws on the books to hold adults accountable for endangering a child. (NMSA Section 30-6-1, New Mexico’s Child Abuse/Abandonment statute).  Under the law, it is a felony for a responsible person to knowingly, intentionally, or negligently, and without justifiable cause, cause or permit a child to be placed in a situation that may endanger the child’s life or health. . . .

According to a study by John R. Lott, Jr., PhD, and John Whitley, “Safe Storage Gun Laws: Accidental Deaths, Suicides, and Crime,” – there is no evidence that CAP laws reduce either juvenile accidental firearm deaths or suicides. Instead, these laws appear to make it harder for law-abiding gun owners to protect themselves.  Out of the ten states that had CAP laws for at least four years, relative violent crime stopped falling when these statutes were adopted and then ended up even higher at the end the four-year period. The only consistent impact was that these laws were significantly related to higher rates of rape, robbery, and burglary.

The study above found a higher rate of certain violent crimes in states in years after they had adopted CAP laws.  It stands to reason that these laws could make it harder for law-abiding gun owners to protect themselves and their families against home invasion, burglaries and other threats in or on their property.  Further, law-abiding adults run the risk of violating CAP laws and incurring civil or criminal liability for participating in legitimate recreational, training and competitive activities involving youth and firearms. . . .

The Root, September 14, 2017

Back in 2016, John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center published a paper about concealed-carry permit holders across the nation. One of the things he uncovered was that concealed-carry has increased more quickly among black women and black people in general than in any other group.

“From 2000 to 2015, the rate of growth of [black women with concealed-carry] was 3.81 times faster than among white females,” Lott found. . . .

City Journal, Summer 2017

But downplaying the recent uptick in the homicide rate distracts from the fact that there is more than one America when it comes to violent crime: indeed, 51 percent of all U.S. murders are committed in just 2 percent of the nation’s counties, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. . . .

Breitbart, September 14, 2017

Writing in The Kansas City Star, Crime Prevention Research Center’s John Lottlooks at the fact that campus carry took effect in Kansas and Georgia on July 1, and explains:

Gun control advocates in Kansas [predicted] disaster, just as they have in each new state that adopted campus carry. Unable to point to any actual catastrophes, opponents do their best to imagine what might go wrong.

But at school after school, no problems have occurred. Over the decades, not a single permit holder who was allowed to carry on university property has committed a crime with his gun. No permit holder has ever gotten angry over a grade and started shooting. As far as we know, no permit holder has ever used his gun to threaten anyone on campus. There have only been six accidental discharges, all of which involved minor injuries. In no case did someone other than the permit holder get a hold of the gun.

Canton Repository (Stark County, CT), October 6, 2017

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, Appleby points out, there are 14.5 million individuals with concealed carry licenses, including 574,000 in Ohio. . . .

FitsNews, September 17, 2017

The idea that our nation’s criminal element (irrespective of race or any other determining factor) would obey gun laws is one of the most glaring follies of liberal orthodoxy.  It’s also further validation of our longstanding belief that “More Guns = Less Crime,” which has been borne out consistently by federal crime data.  And anecdotal evidence.

Experts say geography is what drives violent crime – particularly murders.

“Despite lower gun ownership, urban areas experience much higher murder rates,” an analysis published back in April by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) noted.

“Murder isn’t a nationwide problem,” the center concluded.  “It’s a problem in a very small set of urban areas, and any solution must reduce those murders.”

And yes, most of those densely urban areas feature some of the nation’s most stringent anti-gun laws – and highest murder rates.

One solution?  Letting non-criminals carry guns …

According to John Lott, the founder of CPRC, criminals are surprisingly rational people.  They don’t rob places if they thing there’s a chance they are going to get shot.

“Citizens can take private actions that also deter crime,” Lott stated.  “Allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns reduces violent crimes, and the reductions coincide very closely with the number of concealed-handgun permits issued.  Mass shootings in public places are reduced when law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed handguns.”

Exactly …

America’s 1st Freedom, September 16, 2017

With all the hand-wringing and nay-saying over the new campus-carry law that took effect recently in Kansas, researcher John Lott is leading out as the voice of reason in the controversy.

In an op-ed in The Kansas City Star, Lott pointed toward the safety and success of campus carry in other states over the past several years.

“Gun control advocates in Kansas predict disaster, just as they have in each new state that adopted campus carry,” Lott wrote. “Unable to point to any actual catastrophes, opponents do their best to imagine what might go wrong.

“But at school after school, no problems have occurred. Over the decades, not a single permit holder who was allowed to carry on university property has committed a crime with his gun. No permit holder has ever gotten angry over a grade and started shooting. As far as we know, no permit holder has ever used his gun to threaten anyone on campus.”

Lott summed up his op-ed: “Many liberal professors are doomsayers about concealed carry. … A year from now, when fears have subsided, people will realize how little the professors actually know.”

America’s 1st Freedom, July 31, 2017

Mortensen was quoting new research from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC). John R. Lott Jr., founder and CEO of CPRC, found that the number of concealed handgun permits (CCP) in the United States has jumped by 1.83 million since last July. This brings the total count in the U.S. to an estimated 16.3 million. Also, some of the biggest leaps in the numbers have been occurring among women and blacks. The CPRC study determined that more than 6.5 percent of American adults now have CCPs. These CCP holders, as data has shown for decades, basically don’t commit crimes. The CPRC found that CCP holders who were charged or convicted of a felony constituted just 0.0123 percent of the total group in 2015 and 0.0092 percent in 2016.

“In Florida and Texas, permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at one-sixth of the rate at which police officers are convicted,” the CPRC said in a press release.

Now, in states that record gender data for permit holders, women account for a growing total of 36 percent of CCP holders. “Eight states had data from 2012 to 2016 and they saw a 326 percent faster increase in permits among women than among men,” Lott said.

Okay, now here’s more evidence why inner-city politicians who oppose Second Amendment rights are finding themselves going against the trends for freedom. Records from states that keep “statistics on race and CCPs showed that from 2012 to 2016 the number of blacks who have permits grew 30 percent faster than whites who have them.”

Still, Lott says, “Some state and local authorities display what appears to be racist and sexist biases in deciding who gets concealed handgun permits.”

For example, notes Lott, “Los Angeles County provides a vivid example of how women and Hispanics are given few permits when politicians decided who can defend themselves.” . . .





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