CPRC at the Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee

25 Aug , 2017  

For those in the Milwaukee area, the Crime Prevention Research Center is at Carry Guard Expo that is taking place this weekend at the Wisconsin Center.  We are at booth 541.

UPDATE: Talk on the Changing Face of People who are carrying Permitted Concealed Handguns.

Talk on Bloomberg and Background Checks on Private Transfers.

Talk on CPRC’s research on mass public shootings and gun-free zones.


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  1. Derrell Thomas says:

    Dr. Lott, I can’t thank you enough. You maintain a busy schedule, and remain steadfast.
    You and your team’s work at CPRC is turning the tide against the misinformed, and Progressivism.
    We are listening and arming ourselves with truth, the most effective means of defeating falsehood.

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