Update on Constitutional Carry Bills becoming Law this Year, with good chances in at least three more states

10 Mar , 2017  

After New Hampshire enacted Constitutional Carry, similar bills are still under consideration and a chance in Alabama, Indiana, North Dakota, and South Carolina.  The bill is still under consideration in South Dakota, but the governor in South Dakota has already indicated that he will veto the bill.  As of right now, there is still a chance for 16 to 17 states having Constitutional Carry by the end of the year.

Alabama: Will likely be voted on in the state Senate during the week of March 13th.  Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill, SB 24, with a 6-3 vote on March 1.

Indiana:  Passed the Indiana state House by a 72 to 26 vote.

Kentucky: Unlikely. The bill originally did look promising to pass.  But the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Albert Robinson, R-London, said the bill was “on life support.”  And it will have to wait for another session to pass.

Montana: Vetoed. The bill, HB262, passed the state House by 60 to 39 and the state Senate by 31 to 18.  The votes were largely along party lines.  However, Democratic Governor Steve Bullock vetoed the bill on February 23, 2017.

New Hampshire: Enacted. The legislation passed the state House by 200 to 97 after passing the state Senate on a party-line 13 to 10 vote.  Gov. Chris Sununu signed the bill into law.

North Dakota: On February 21 the state House passed the bill by an 83 to 9 vote.  However, in the past two sessions, the state Senate killed the bills.  Governor Dick Burgum has not stated a position on this issue.

South Carolina: Bill approved by a 3 to 0 vote in the state House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 9th.  The two Democrats on the committee were both either out of town or out of the country, but both said that they would have voted against the bill.  Republicans outnumber Democrats in the state House by 80 to 44 and the state Senate by 28 to 18.

South Dakota:  The state House passed the bill 37 to 30 and the state Senate by 23 to 11.  Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed a similar bill in 2012, and he promises that he will veto it again.  Supporters claim that they believe they may have the votes need to override the veto, but it isn’t clear how that is possible.



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  1. Michael Fallon says:

    Texas is also looking at passing a Constitutional Carry bill as well this spring.

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