CPRC research mentioned in Walter Williams’ latest column: Pawns of liberals, to the detriment of their safety

Feb 15, 2017 | Featured

Walter Williams’ latest national column on policing:

To solve this problem, they want police departments to hire more black police officers. It turns out that the U.S. Justice Department has found that black police officers in San Francisco and Philadelphia are likelier than whites to shoot and use force against black suspects. That finding is consistent with a study of 2,699 fatal police killings between 2013 and 2015, conducted by John R. Lott Jr. and Carlisle E. Moody of the Crime Prevention Research Center, showing that the odds of a black suspect’s being killed by a black police officer were consistently greater than the odds of a black suspect’s being killed by a white officer. . . .

His column was carried in news outlets across the United States, including: Pittsburg Tribune-ReviewArkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas),  Nashua Telegraph (Nashua, NH), North State Journal (Raleigh, North Carolina), Myrtle Beach Online (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina), The Times News (Burlington, VT), Odessa American (Odessa, Texas), South Dade Newsleader (Dade County, Florida),  Altoona Mirror (Altoona, Pennsylvania), Casper Star-Tribune (Casper, Wyoming),  The Daily Signal, The New AmericanThe Meridian Star (Meridian, MS), Amarillo Globe-News (Amarillo, Texas), Clinton Herald (Clinton, Iowa),  The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), The Daily Commercial (Leesburg, Virginia), Tyler Morning Telegraph (Tyler, Texas), Oakland Press (Oakland County, Michigan), The Times (Ottawa, Illinois), GOPUSA, The Morning Sun (Alma, Michigan), Daily Journal (Kankakee, Illinois),  The Journal (New Ulm, Minnesota), Newsbusters, and DeSoto Times-Tribune (Hernando, MS).