Seven Defensive Gun Uses by People Lawfully Carrying a Gun Over the Last Week

Feb 15, 2017 | Featured

Topeka, Kansas, WIBW Channel 13 TV, February 11, 2017:

Topeka Police responded to reports of a stabbing at the Walmart on SE California in Topeka just after 4 p.m. Saturday.

TPD says two men were involved in an altercation, when a third party conceal carry holder intervened and stopped the assault.

“He intervened, drew his firearm, and held the people to the ground basically at gun-point,” said Topeka police Sergeant Joshua Klamm.

One of the men involved in the altercation was stabbed . . . .

New Orleans, LA, WWL Channel 4 TV, February 11, 2017:

A customer foiled an apparent armed robbery at the T-Mobile store on St. Andrew Street, police said, shooting and killing the armed robber. . . .

Chief Michael Harrison said a suspect was attempting to rob the store, when a customer shot and killed the man. Both weapons were retrieved, and the customer is being questioned by police, Harrison said. . . .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, WPVI channel 6 TV, Thursday, February 09, 2017:

. . . It happened around 8 p.m. Thursday at the 65th and Lebanon Avenue Deli in Overbrook.

Police say a gun-toting man walked into the deli and declared a holdup.

That’s when, police say, the owner pulled out his gun and shot the suspect in the groin.

Police say the owner is licensed to carry. . . .

Police are working to determine if this suspect is responsible for a string of robberies in the area. . . .

Houston, Texas, Channel 2 TV, February 5, 2017.  The video with this story describes how the restaurant owner had been robbed multiple times before and had started carrying a gun because of that.

A restaurant owner shot two would-be robbers that jumped out at him as he was leaving the restaurant for the night, police said.

According to officials, the owner of J&S Bar B Que at 8312 Mesa Drive was closing around 10:50 p.m. Saturday.

Two males jumped out from behind a large garbage bin and attempted to rob him, police said.

According to investigators, the owner pulled a gun and shot a couple times at the would-be robbers.

Holland, Michigan, Fox 17 TV for Western Michigan, February 10, 2017:

A man who walked into a party store on the lakeshore ended up breaking up an assault late Thursday night by shooting the suspect. Police say he was legally carrying his firearm and acted in self defense.

It happened at around 10:20 p.m. . . . in Holland.

Police say a 29-year-old male suspect was assaulting a woman in the store when another customer entered the building.

“The female did state that she was in fear for her life and felt like she’s going to be beat to death,” Keith Mulder, a captain with the Holland Public Safety said.

Police say the another man noticed the attack as he walked by the store and went inside. When the 43-year-old Good Samaritan attempted to break up the assault, the suspect turned his attention on him and began attacking him instead.

Little did the suspect know that the customer was armed with a handgun. The man drew his weapon and shot the attacker twice. . . .

Venice, Illinois, KSDK-TV (St. Louis, Missouri), February 4, 2017:

An armed veteran from St. Louis killed one man and injured another during an armed robbery attempt in the metro east.

But, on Friday, prosecutors said the veteran’s actions are justified, and could help solve dozens of other violent crimes in Illinois and Missouri.

Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons said this case should serve as a warning to criminals. If you’re coming to the Metro East to break the law, you could end up staring down the barrel of a gun.

Thursday morning, Venice police were called to the 200-block of Abbott Street for reports of a shooting. Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons said it happened as a 70-year-old Vietnam Veteran from St. Louis was dropping off his friend. . . .

As for the veteran, Gibbons said he was well within his rights.

“This is an example of a law-abiding citizen protecting himself, exercising his right to self-defense.” . . .

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Montgomery Advertiser, February 4, 2017:

Joshua Rogers, 22, of Montgomery, was shot and killed Jan. 9. MPD Capt. Regina Duckett said the shooting happened while Rogers and others were committing a robbery, and three of his suspected accomplices have been arrested and charged in his death.

Joquan Belyue, 17, Terrance Moorer, 17, and Errol Johnson, 22, all of Montgomery, are accused of felony murder in connection with Rogers’ death, MPD said. . . .




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