Gun Sales Still Up despite Election Results

2 Dec , 2016  



Despite the election on November 8th, NICS checks in November 2016 where up 14.2% over the checks conducted during November last year.  That is a bigger increase (both in absolute sales and percentage increase) than three of the last four months, though the increases are down from what they were during the first seven months of the year.  Indeed, sales on Black Friday also set another record so it is hard to say that this increase in sales was due to just the first week of November before the election.  Overall, it is hard to look at this data and see any sudden drop as a result of the election.

While the stocks on gun companies have fallen and markets do a very good job of predicting the future, this expected drop in sales be still to come.  Since November 7th, Smith & Wesson’s stock fell by 25% and Sturm, Ruger by 23%.  Vista Outdoor was the outlier, rising by 3.7% percent, but it could be because the company is more diversified and non-gun sales might be increasing.

Interestingly, since the NICS check data has come out, the stock prices for all three companies have fallen (Smith & Wesson down 12%, Sturm, Ruger down 5.63%, and Vista Outdoor down 0.



There is also have Vista Outdoor (though the company primarily produces other products).




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