The Washington Times review of “The War on Guns”

31 Aug , 2016  

From the book review in The Washington Times:

In his new book, “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies,” John Lott methodically dismantles one popular gun-control myth after another.

It has been said that a lie told often enough becomes the truth, and a similar phenomenon is overwhelming the gun debate in America. Oft-repeated untruths have formed common beliefs that often sway the debate about firearms. Gun-control advocates have learned that their exaggerated claims are likely to go unchecked by a largely sympathetic media, allowing them to control the narrative and shape public opinion. . . .

Thankfully, Mr. Lott has set the record straight in “The War on Guns.” In his usual methodical style, he answers the baseless rhetoric and hyperbole of gun-control advocates with facts and statistics. And better yet, in addition to providing an abundance of tables and graphs, Mr. Lott states his case in a way that is easy to comprehend so that the reader, too, can start setting the record straight when confronted with misinformation. . . .

Throughout this election season and well beyond, gun control is certain to remain among the most controversial and hotly debated issues facing our country. Mr. Lott provides an invaluable service to proponents of gun rights by providing statistical proof that their policies are superior to others being proposed. But perhaps the greater service is to undecided Americans aiming to look beyond empty rhetoric and tired talking points to develop their own informed opinions based on legitimate facts and data. “The War on Guns” provides them the opportunity to do so.

Regardless of the reader’s view or knowledge of firearms, he will be better educated after reading “The War on Guns.” For that reason, anyone with any interest in firearms policy should read this book.


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  1. Tom Campbell says:

    I agree that this is the best single volume to read on this subject.
    But there are others of high merit also:
    1. Lott’s MGLC – the go-to reference.
    2. Joyce Lee Malcolm’s “Guns and Violence.”
    Lott smashes all components of the anti-gun legislative agenda. Malcolm covers the history in England and Wales, showing how anti-gun legislation over decades made self defense in the UK essentially illegal.

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