CPRC on The Mark Levin Show: Orlando Terror Attack, Gun-Free Zones & Gun Control

15 Jun , 2016  

Mark Levin Picture

CPRC President, Dr. John Lott, talked with Mark Levin about the Orlando Mass Public Shooting & the dangers of gun-free zones.

(Monday, June 13, 2016 from 7:20 to 7:44 PM)

Levin: “you’re encyclopedic memory on this stuff, you are really, really good.”

Mark Levin’s show is heard by over 7 million people.



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  1. Peggy Tillman says:

    Mr. Levine discussed research on Oct. 4 that outlined the causes of the 33,000 gun deaths. I remember him quoting the research saying that a large percentage were suicide . I would like to download a copy of this research to share with my liberal friends. It is scary that so many people want to take our constitutional rights as opposed to deal with the causes of this problem. I enjoy your show. God Bless America!
    Peggy Tillman

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