CPRC in Fox News: DC must let ex-prison guards pack heat, federal court rules

3 Jun , 2016  

Concealed Carry

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Dr. John Lott was quoted by Fox News about the new DC Circuit Court Decision on whether DC has to follow the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act that allows retired Law Enforcement with at least 10 years experience to carry concealed.

Four former prison guards who were barred from carrying concealed guns despite a 2004 federal law that gave off-duty and retired law enforcement officers the right to pack heat won a landmark court victory on Thursday. . . .

Smith, who retired as a Corrections department firearms instructor, told the The Washington Times in 2014 that he was fired upon by men he suspects were former inmates as he took out the trash outside his home.

“They remember you,” he said.

The District of Columbia’s fight to leave former corrections officers unarmed shows how entrenched its opposition to guns is, according to John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

“This case illustrates how extreme the District of Columbia’s opposition to concealed carry has been,” Lott said. “Here you have law enforcement who are offering to protect others for free, and the District has borne large legal costs to stop them from doing it.” . . .



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  1. Mongoose says:

    So why must they be “allowed” the right when the average citizen is denied those same rights?
    D.C. has still not obeyed the supreme courts orders and are walking around free.

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