Greg Gutfeld & Eric Boiling Use CPRC Research to Discuss the “Media’s uninformed backlash against Vince Vaughn”

2 Jun , 2015  

Greg Gutfeld

Here is also a transcript of Gutfeld’s remarks.  One will note that Greg Gutfeld’s points parallel the evidence that we had put together on Vince Vaughn’s comments.  John Lott also has a new op-ed at Fox News on the Vince Vaughn discussion:

Things are definitely changing when it comes to the gun debate in America. “True Detective” star Vince Vaughn’s recent comments on mass shootings and killers looking for places “to slaughter defenceless human beings” might be considered controversial coming from someone from Hollywood, but his ideas are becoming acceptable throughout the rest of the country. . . .

Vince Vaughn isn’t alone in Hollywood. But for the actor to speak out so forcefully is surely a brave thing to do.

Greg Gutfeld 2


On June 3rd, we were again mentioned very briefly near the end of the show on The Five.  It is also our understanding that Eric Boiling also discussed our research on his show “The Cost of Freedom.”



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  1. Evan says:

    Dana Perino doesn’t understand that decriminalizing drugs would reduce the need for them to have guns.

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