Bloomberg’s Amazingly Inaccurate Ad to Keep Areas Gun-Free Zones

Mar 4, 2015 | Featured

Bloomberg’s argument here is that the bill to allow concealed handgun permit holders to carry on school property is really an attempt to let criminals carry guns around schools. The fact that people will need a permit that requires a criminal background check is never mentioned.

So what is the rate that permit holders cause problems? It is very, very rare. Permit holders not only commit very few crimes, but they are very law-abiding even compared to police who are already extremely law-abiding.

If you want more information on the issue of gun-free zones, please see this discussion.

It might be possible that Bloomberg’s people will argue that background checks aren’t perfect, but the very few errors that they point to are usually not errors (gun control activists still want to claim that people with expunged records should not have guns).

Perhaps the craziest thing about this ad is that Bloomberg apparently believes that criminals only carry guns in places where they are legally allowed to carry them.

Bloomberg Ad on gun-free zones



  1. Zagloba

    This ad is not inaccurate.. It is an out-and-out lie.

    • Christian

      Which exactly why this will be effective. People who are already anti-gun will take this at face value and won’t bother to fact check. This is why America needs laws that prohibit lying or manipulating data in any advertising.

  2. michael pannone

    Bloomberg should mind is own business. I came from NY and I seen the crime there people that have carried permits should have the right to protect there self Bloomberg try telling the truth in your ad maybe I would have more respect for you., there is nothing on this earth that can prevent someone that wants to kill .from carrying a weapon in any school.

  3. Albert E. Cram, MD

    People living in Nevada need to be exposed to the truth, and one can never count on Bloomberg and his allies or that commodity when discussing the right to self defense.

  4. DaveP326

    This crowd has never had a problem altering facts, or creating their own and calling them “facts”.

  5. Stu Chisholm

    1. Criminals (a.k.a. convicted felons) are already prohibited by law from possessing guns or ammunition.
    2. Criminals already DO carry their loaded guns wherever they choose regardless of the law. That’s what makes them “criminals.”
    3. Criminals cannot get permits, making the premise of this ad an outright lie.
    4. “Gun-free zones” make the law abiding less safe, as tragically proven by the Virginia Tech massacre, which involved no “assault rifles” or “high-capacity” magazines and remains the biggest school shooting to date.

  6. Adam Selene

    I’ve documented our Human Right Self Defense that’s protected by the 2A.