CPRC on Wyoming Public Television to discuss gun-free zones

3 Mar , 2015  

While John Lott was visiting Cheyenne, Wyoming last week, he was interviewed by Craig Blumenshine about gun-free zones.  The interview of Wyoming Public Television was broadcast on Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 8 PM.  The content of this interview came out very well.

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2 Responses

  1. Albert E. Cram, MD says:

    Nice presentation in Wyoming. Wish we could get a much wider audience, but every little bit helps.

  2. Brad Hill says:

    Excellent interview, Dr Lott has certainly spent a lot of time researching data and studying gun related deaths.

    Sen. Coe and his committee had their ears and minds closed during Dr. Lott’s testimony, meanwhile the ink was drying on a horrible substitute bill they had crafted.

    The committee’s action is very familiar and still fresh in the publics eye. We remember the same tactic with the Hill Bill. Some of the players have changed, but the common denominator is Hank Coe.

    It is time to end the tyrannical behavior of Coe and his band of misfits. Wyoming citizens must stand up and make changes in state Government.

    Enough is enough

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