CPRC on WVON in Chicago for a lively discussion on black’s trust of police officers

10 Jan , 2015  

Maya Akai had John Lott on WVON, the big black talk radio station in Chicago, to discuss his findings that if you look at the rate that blacks report crimes to police it appears that blacks trust police more than most people believe. It was a very lively program, particularly the call-in part of the program.  The audio is available here (the program lasted from 8:05 to 9:15 PM on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014).

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  1. Evan says:

    John Lott said that 50% of rapes are reported to the police. I heard that the number is much lower. On Wikipedia it says only 16% of rapes are reported. Why such a big disagreement?

  2. johnrlott says:

    Thanks, Evan. I believe that I said about 50%. I followed the links back to “Rape in America: A Report to the Nation. 1992.” I am not familiar with that publication, and I wasn’t able to find it online to look up how they calculated the number. What I can say if you take the number of crimes reported to police and divide it by the National Crime Victimization Survey poll of about 150,000 people each year who say that they have been raped, you get about 45%.

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