Taylor Woolrich on NBC’s Today Show to discuss her desire to protect herself

Aug 7, 2014 | Featured

This is a powerful discussion on NBC’s Today Show. Taylor did not appear live on the show, instead they used clips from her talk to the Students for Concealed Carry/Crime Prevention Research Center convention to make her points.


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  1. WBHobbs

    The commentator said “It’s a complicated case.” It’s not. An adult woman is being prevented from protecting herself from a known threat.

    Additionally, assuming that she stays in college, she is being forced to expose herself to this threatening man in an area where he can be certain no law abiding citizens will be armed. He can arm himself and have minimal concern for being stopped since she is located in a verified “gun free” zone. He can be assured that he will have the lowest chances of being shot if he should decide to rape or kidnap her. If he decids to kill a large number of her friends, he will be in the ideal environment.