More videos from Students for Concealed Carry/Crime Prevention Research Center conference

7 Aug , 2014  

First panel
Taylor Woolrich’s presentation was posted earlier here.
Allie Lainez

Holly Adams

Nicole Goeser

A small portion of CPRC’s John Lott debating with Chelsea Parson from Center for American Progress

Allison Basley and Kimberly Shepherd

Tim Schmidt and the police trainer and law enforcement panel

Tim’s overview of his panel

Jan Morgan’s talk

Sheriff Al Cannon’s talk



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  1. […] Significant statements from each speaker/panel- College students as children vs life-long learning John, please ask this- Will you continue the event next year? What is holding you back, more applicants/attendees or more money? Where can our listeners learn more about the event? https://crimeresearch.org/2014/08/more-videos-from-students-for-concealed-carrycrime-… […]

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