Former executive director of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety admits that their proposals won’t stop these attacks

18 Jun , 2014  

Mark Glaze, the executive director of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety until earlier this month, told the Wall Street Journal that the policies that they propose enacting wouldn’t stop these attacks:

“Because people perceive a mismatch in the policy solutions that we have to offer and the way some of these mass shootings happened, you know, it is a messaging problem for us, I think. … Is it a messaging problem when a mass shooting happens and nothing that we have to offer would have stopped that mass shooting? Sure it’s a challenge in this issue.

It would have been useful for the interviewer to have pushed further on this and explicitly ask about different attacks and what policies that they were proposing after them.

The ultimate irony is not only don’t Bloomberg’s people think that gun control will stop these attacks, they simultaneously believe that guns can protect themselves. Erika Soto Lamb, the communications director for Bloomberg’s @Everytown, believes that having guns for gun control advocates is justified because they feel threatened. I am suspicious, but the point is that many other people want to have guns because they also feel threatened.
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  1. Psychbuster says:

    The common denominator in mass shootings is not that the shooters have been treated for mental illness but that those unfortunates have been taking psychotropic drugs or have just stopped taking psychotropic drugs. One of the side affects of taking those drugs is violent acts. That is stated on the black label on the pill container. The problem with that is that no one reading that warning label can confront the evil or have any idea what kind of violent acts are being talked about. The drug companies are not forced to reveal that explicit information so people never get the idea of just how violent these acts can be.
    It’ the same with the psychs evaluating these people on psychotropic drugs. They can’t confront just how violent these acts can be and so they don’t connect the dots as to why all of these mass shooters are doing what they are doing. If no one can confront it, it will never be seen as the real and in fact only common denominator in those shootings….on psychotropic drugs or just having stopped taking them turns these violent acts on.
    I’ve been to psych conventions and asked psychs if they understand the mind and all of them stated that no one understands the mind and how it works. So they say that the mental illness caused it. But they really have no clue.
    CCHR Int investigated quite a few of the school shootings and discovered that the only common denominator in those shootings was that the shooters were either on or had just stopped taking psychotropic drugs.
    In their conventions we have watched them add mental diseases to their DSM diagnostic manual.
    They described a “disease”, like mathematics syndrone. Then they voted by a show of hands what
    drug “therapy” they should use to treat it. There is no more scientific background or research involved with naming or treating these fraudulent so called mental disorders than monkeys at a zoo could create.
    These drugs are dangerous. Thousands of children on Ritalin have committed suicide. Members of our armed services are committing suicide, 20 a day. We have about 10,000,000 school children now on psychotropic drugs in this country alone and their lives are being ruined. We have infants being put on psychotropic drugs who can’t even talk yet! This is all an outrageous murderous fraud by psychiatry and more yet by the Big Pharma drug companies and needs to be stopped before it is too late.
    There is plenty of evidence against them and all we need are the big doners to support it and carry it
    through to a done. When we make psychiatry and psychotropic drug use illegal with heavy punishments for using them, amount of mass shootings will also go away. In order to produce change
    that is real, one must find the real why that is causing the problem. Taking guns away is not the real why. Anyone can always get one. Murder can be committed with a knife or a baseball bat or a rock, or a rope or poison or hit by a car or strangling.
    It is the person with the intention to commit murder and bodily harm that actually causes the crime, with any weapon. So what is causing and producing people who all of a sudden carry out such crimes?
    It’s not just shooters, it’s a young mother who drowns her small children in the bathtub; or a man who runs over a bicycle rider; or a wife who poisons her husband or drives her car into a lake with her kids in it and drowns them. I think the common denominator will be found to also be psychotropic drugs.
    When you have that common denominator keeps coming up so many times, that is the real why.
    People don’t need psychiatry when they feel shook up, freaked out or scared. They need to handle the thing in their lives that they have created themselves that is giving them the trouble. There are evil people in this world and getting away from them is sometimes the simple solution. We don’t need psychotropic drugs. They are killers made by killers.

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