17 Apr , 2019

On the Jim Polito Show on WTAG/WHYN: Do armed teachers prevent school shootings?

Dr. John Lott talks with host Jim Polito about school shootings and how to best prevent them. The answer is not armed guards or armed teachers.

(Tuesday, April 16, 2019)


16 Apr , 2019

On the Kerry Lutz Show: Red Flag Laws

There’s an alarming trend taking place across the nation. Many states are passing so-called Red Flag Laws that allow the government to confiscate an individual’s firearms based solely upon rumors and anonymous reports. There are no substantive provisions for due process or notice. The police simply show up on one’s doorstep, demanding people’s guns.…


15 Apr , 2019

CPRC on The Michigan Talk Network: The media exaggerates impact of U.S. border closure

Dr. John Lott spoke with Steve Gruber about the national news media’s silly exaggerations of the U.S. border closure. We will not run out of avocados. We will just get them from other sources. The U.S. spends 50% more educating illegals than we spend on food from Mexico.

More information is available here.…


13 Apr , 2019

CPRC’s Nikki Goeser on The Michigan Talk Network: Red Flag Laws

Nikki Goeser talks with host Steve Gruber about Red Flag Laws. Nikki Goeser is a survivor of a violent crime in a Gun-Free Zone, where her husband was murdered in front of her by her stalker. Even after going through something as horrific as this, Nikki understands the importance of due process and how Red Flag Laws can violate that due process.…

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6 Apr , 2019

On the Michigan Talk Network: Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Register Your Guns

Dr. Lott spoke with host Steve Gruber about how costly it is for states to go and register guns as well as the fact that virtually no crimes are ever solved because of registration.

(Tuesday, March 2, 2019 6:45-6:54am)


1 Apr , 2019

On the national Lars Larson Show: Do Red Flag Laws endanger people’s safety?

Dr. John Lott speaks with Lars Larson about whether so-called Red Flag Laws actually on net endanger people’s safety.

(Thursday, March 28, 2019 7:20pm-7:30pm)

Lars Larson’s show is listened to by over 1.25 million people.


30 Mar , 2019

CPRC on the Ben Shapiro Show: Gun confiscation and gun buybacks do not lower homicide rates

Dr. John Lott talks with host Ben Shapiro about the false belief that gun confiscation or gun buybacks will lower homicide rates and make people more safe.

(Thursday, March 21, 2019)


28 Mar , 2019

On the Michigan Talk Network about the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Red Flag Laws

Dr. John Lott talked with host Steve Gruber about the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Red Flag Laws. Lott explains how these new laws are like a bad version the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report.

(Tuesday, March 26, 2019 6:45am-6:54am)


27 Mar , 2019

At the Daily Signal: The Facts About Gun Control and Homicide Rates

Dr. John Lott talked to the Daily Signal’s Katrina Trinko about whether there really fewer homicides in countries with gun control. They also talked about Australia’s gun control laws and the information on mass public shootings.

(Tuesday, March 19, 2019)

Kate Trinko: I’m Kate Trinko. We’re here with John Lott, who is with the Crime Prevention Research Center, and I understand there is a website where people can also check out your work?


26 Mar , 2019

On Chicago’s Morning Answer (WIND AM 560): The New Zealand Mass Public Shooting and the fallacy of Gun Control

Dr. John Lott discusses the New Zealand mass public shooting and the false sense of security of gun-control.

(Monday, March 18, 2019 9:35-9:45am)