25 Nov , 2018

Associated Press cites our research on states that allow teachers to carry guns at school

The Associated Press’ article on Florida’s debate over expanding its program to let teachers carry concealed handguns by providing some perspective on how much of the country already allows it. The title of the article is: “Sheriff leading commission investigating Parkland shooting now supports arming teachers.” Their article that was carried by CBS News starts this way:

After the shooting, Florida law was changed to allow school districts to train and arm employees other than teachers, including administrators, librarians and custodians.

18 Nov , 2018

CPRC in the News: In Spanish, Coverage received in Puebla, Mexico at the 2018 Ciudad de las Ideas


E-Consulta, November 16, 2018

La conferencia inaugural de la XI edición de la Ciudad de las Ideas (CDI), que en esta ocasión lleva por lema Burning questions, estuvo a cargo deleconomista y escritor John R. Lott Jr. quien abordó el tema de las leyes que regulan la posesión de armamento.

6 Nov , 2018

CPRC in the News: Hot Air, CNN, CrimProf Blog, Political Insider, Law Officer and other places







CNN, Erie News Now, WKTV Channel 2 (Utica, NY), KXLF Channel 4 (Butte, MT), CBS Channel 12 and NBC Channel 24 (Chico Redding, California), KBZK Channel 7 (Bozeman, MT), KXLH Channel 9 (Helena, MT), November 3, 2018


This is how much more likely undocumented immigrants are to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans, according to a study of data in that state by economist John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

3 Oct , 2018

More media on our research on mass public shootings across countries



Hot Air, September 7, 2018

Back in 2016, Adam Lankford, a University of Alabama professor, published a study claiming that roughly one-third of the mass shootings in the world take place in America. The study was widely panned almost immediately, with other experts in the field describing it as junk science which should never have made it into print in a scholarly publication, but it served as a perfect vehicle for the media to talk about the need for stricter gun control laws.

28 Sep , 2018

CPRC in the news: Instapundit, Vice News, Politico, Breitbart, Townhall, and other places


Instapundit, September 24, 2018

IS IT TRUE THAT WITH ONLY 4.5% OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION, THE UNITED STATES ACCOUNTS FOR 31% OF ALL MASS PUBLIC SHOOTERS? According to John Lott, the answer is no. He writes: How a Botched Study Fooled the World About the U.S. Share of Mass Public Shootings: U.S.

10 Sep , 2018

CPRC in the News: New York Post, Houston Chronicle, Nevada Public Radio, Charleston Post and Courier, and others

New York Post, September 4, 2018

Politicians at Sen. John McCain’s funeral bemoaned the loss of civility in politics, notes John R. Lott Jr. at Townhall, and Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing this week is proving that. Why? Government has grown “by leaps and bounds,” and decisions “have far-reaching consequences.” A century ago, Lott recalls, federal spending was less than 3 percent of GDP.…

8 Sep , 2018

CRTV’s Gavin McInnes explains the U.S. Rate of Mass Public Shootings is Lower than Global Average

Gavin McInnes mentions our new research: How a Botched Study Fooled the World About the U.S. Share of Mass Public Shootings: U.S. Rate is Lower than Global Average.
Gavin also refers to an article on our work in the Washington Times, which can be found here.
On CRTV Tonight with Gavin McInnes, August 31, 2018

4 Sep , 2018

Bombshell write up from Real Clear Politics: Mass Shootings in America: Anatomy of a Hyped Statistic

A must read: RealClearPolitics’ Washington Bureau Chief has a very detailed article on a completely false and highly influential claim regarding distribution of mass public shootings around the world.

Three years ago, which means it was before the mass murders at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs — but after Sandy Hook Elementary and Fort Hood — a University of Alabama professor sought to answer a chilling public policy question: Do countries other than the U.S.


2 Sep , 2018

More news coverage of our report on mass public shootings around the world


National Review, September 4, 2018

I’ve previously discussed the research of Adam Lankford, who claims that the U.S. is home to nearly a third of the entire world’s mass shootings and blames our high level of gun ownership, and I’ve noted his refusal “to share information about his analysis with media outlets likely to criticize him.” He also refuses to share data with rival researchers, and one of them, John Lott, has thrown down the gauntlet.

1 Sep , 2018

Circa News picked up by news stations across the US: Gun violence statistics overestimated in 2 reports

Circa News has a story carried on Sinclair news sites on our new research on the rate of mass public shooters/shootings across countries. Their piece starts this way:

In the gun control debate, it is hard enough to agree on solutions but often getting the facts straight can be a problem, whether it’s underestimating the problem, or in this case, overestimating.