Mark Levin reads on Air our op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the latest gun control hoax

2 Jul , 2021  

Mark Levin read on his national radio show Dr. John Lott’s oped piece titled: “The School That Wasn’t There: I Drove 950 Miles To Give A Commencement Address. It Was An Elaborate Hoax By A Gun-Control Organization.”

(Tuesday, June 29, 2021, from 8:05 to 8:12 PM)

Mark Levin’s national radio show is heard weekly by 10 million people.…


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Trump mentions our work on Montana’s mail-in Ballot problems at Save America Rally in Wellington, Ohio

29 Jun , 2021   Video

President Trump at a rally in Wellington Ohio mentions Montana’s mail-in Ballot problems. A detailed discussion of those problems where there were 6.33 percent more votes than absentee ballot envelopes is available here.

(June 26, 2021)

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Our research on voting rules in other countries discussed in the Wall Street Journal

21 Jun , 2021  

John Fund has a piece in the Wall Street Journal that extensively discusses our recent work on anti-fraud voting regulations in other countries. The proxy voting rules is also from our research and the last paragraph here is very similar to what we wrote at Real Clear Investigation.

A study by economist John Lott finds that 46 of 47 European countries require government-issued photo ID to vote.


CPRC in the News: Orange County Register, PEW, Business & Politics Review, Townhall, and more

19 Jun , 2021  

Overall, gun policies in state capitols, even after the January riot in Washington, remain split. About 30 state capitols employ metal detectors, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Conversely, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, a pro-gun research group, about 23 capitols officially allow carrying legal firearms inside.

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Our work covered by the Wall Street Journal: Flying the Politically Correct Skies: American Airlines and Delta may want to reconsider their international route maps

2 Jun , 2021  

James Freeman has a discussion of our latest work at the Wall Street Journal.

Audio of WSJ discussion

This is getting awkward. Woke and weak corporate executives at American Airlines and Delta have been trying to signal virtue by opposing, respectively, pending voting reforms in Texas and a new voting law in Georgia.

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Sean Hannity Plugs “More Guns, Less Crime” on his national radio show

29 May , 2021  

Sean Hannity briefly mentioned Dr. John Lott’s book “More Guns, Less Crime” on his national radio show.

Hannity: “More Guns, Less Crime” it is a great book, updated regularly by John Lott. You may want to read it. May be give it to friends of yours in the mob and the media and big tech, so they might learn something.

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Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) relies heavily on the CPRC work

27 May , 2021   Video

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) relied very heavily on the research from the CPRC.

Massie’s former staffer is our Executive Director, Nikki Goeser. Her recent testimony before the US Senate is available here.

Information on safe storage laws is available here.

The Charleston Loophole false claims

The discriminatory nature of these laws against minorities and the poor is discussed here.…

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CPRC in the News: The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Breitbart, Indianapolis Star, and much more

6 May , 2021  

The court’s move complements the gun movement’s success on the legislative front, where advocates have worked to expand the presence of concealed weapons in public places. The number of Americans with concealed-carry permits rose to 19.48 million in 2020, up from 12.8 million in 2015, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, a gun-rights group.

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CPRC in the News: One America News, Washington Examiner, Forbes, Breitbart, and much more

23 Apr , 2021  

Economist John Lott questioned the validity and effectiveness of gun control legislation.

In an interview released Saturday, Lott challenged many of the arguments made by Democrats and Joe Biden regarding proposals to restrict gun rights. One of his main focuses was looking at whom gun control laws harm, especially steep prices of background checks for private gun transfers.

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Rush Limbaugh Show mentions our work on policing

18 Apr , 2021  

Jason Lewis, the substitute host for the Rush Limbaugh show, mentioned our research on blacks being more likely to report violent crime to police than whites.

Jason Lewis: . . . It seems that people still want the police. In fact, my old friend Dr. John Lott as well as Heather Mac Donald — people that have actually looked into the criminal justice statistics — show that black folks are nine percentage points more likely to call the police, more likely to report violent crimes committed against them to the police than white folks.