The Rush Limbaugh show briefly mentions Twitter locking John Lott’s account

13 Jul , 2019  

When former Congressman Jason Lewis served as a substitute host for Rush Limbaugh he brought up how Twitter has locked John Lott’s account.

(Friday, July 5, 2019, First hour)


Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: Breitbart, ZeroHedge, Business & Politics Review, Campus Safety, and much more

11 Jul , 2019  


Breitbart, June 30, 2019

Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell claims his confiscatory “assault weapons” ban would have prevented the December 14, 2012, attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School.

He made this claim in response to a tweet by John Lott, wherein Lott asked why Swalwell was pushing gun controls that “wouldn’t have stopped one mass public shooting this century”:

Swalwell responded, “Who wants to tell John Lott that if my assault weapons ban and buy-back had been in place before Sandy Hook or Parkland, those children wouldn’t have been killed?”

Swalwell’s claim overlooks a number of important facts.


Our research cited extensively in the Philadelphia Inquirer: Eliminating gun-free zones: A way to deter mass shooters?

17 Jun , 2019  

George Parry, a former federal and state prosecutor, had a piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer on June 5th, where he relied heavily on our research. We have added notes below where the links that were provided were to the Crime Prevention Research Center, though even in the one link that wasn’t directly to our research, it was to a case that we had discovered and discussed on our website. …


News coverage of our research by the Sinclair Broadcast Group: “Mass Shootings in the U.S. Compared with other Countries”

15 Jun , 2019  

On June 5th, our research on mass public shootings got significant coverage by local news outlets throughout the United States. The news coverage starts this way:

WASHINGTON (SBG) – Elected leaders on Capitol Hill were quick to respond with familiar calls for action on U.S. gun reform after the Virginia Beach mass shooting.


Mention in Newsweek: House Republicans who reintroduce bill eliminating all gun-free school zones rely on CPRC research

14 Jun , 2019   Video

Newsweek discusses the evidence put forward for eliminating gun-free zones at schools.

. . . The “98 percent” statistic cited by Massie was pulled from a November 2018 Chicago Tribune op-ed by the conservative author of The War on Guns, John R. Lott Jr., who is also the head of the Crime Prevention Research Center.


Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: Fox News, Daily Caller, National Review, Townhall, and many other places

10 Jun , 2019  


Daily Caller, May 15, 2019

Here’s a truth that every American should consider: There are at least 18 states that allow teachers to carry guns. And yet, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, there has NEVER been a mass shooting attempted in any school where teachers are armed.


Editorials across nine newspapers in Florida: “Research disproves hysteria about arming teachers”

31 May , 2019  

Our recent research on school shootings has gotten an extensive editorial write-up in nine newspapers across Florida.

Palm Beach Daily News, May 30, 2019; Florida Times-Union, May 30, 2019; Daily Commercial, May 30, 2019; St. Augustine Record, May 30, 2019; Gainesville Sun, May 30, 2019; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, May 30, 2019; News Chief (Winter Haven, Florida), May 30, 2019; Ocala StarBanner, May 30, 2019; and The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), May 30, 2019



Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: The Daily Caller, Yahoo! News, Inside Sources, Washington Examiner, Breitbart, PowerLine, and others

15 May , 2019  


The New American, May 6, 2019

John Lott couldn’t find a single instance of a shooting on a school campus where teachers and staff were permitted to carry concealed, going all the way back to 2000.

John Lott’s latest study refutes claims by anti-gunners that the presence of firearms on school campuses increases the chances of gun violence.


Our work mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

15 May , 2019  

In article in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 about federal licenses held by firearm collectors, they had this discussion:

The cu­rio and relic li­cense that Mr. Saenz pos­sessed is is­sued by the fed­eral gov­ern­ment for an­tique firearm col­lec­tors. It stream­lines the pur­chases of his­toric or novel guns and would have al­lowed Mr.


Our work cited in the New York Times, though it is used to make misleading points

20 Apr , 2019  

We missed this reference to our work when it went up in October 2018. Nicholas Kristof, in the New York Times, discussed what caused the rise in concealed handgun permits.

Remember when President Obama tried to change the Second Amendment and ban handguns? No, neither do I. But Wayne LaPierre of the N.R.A.