To deal with lone-wolf terror attacks, Israel is dramatically increasing the number of handgun carry permits

21 Aug , 2018  

Updated Post (August 21, 2018): In order to protect against lone-wolf terror attacks, Israel is increasing the number of citizens with permits to carry handguns in public. Based on the numbers reported by the Washington Post in May, an increase of between 35,000 and over 500,000 will increase the percentage of adult Jewish Israelis who carry to between 7.7% and 19.7%.…


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has a hard time understanding why Israelis let civilians carry guns in public

17 Oct , 2015  

The concern about civilians carrying guns is clearly evident in Wolf Blitzer’s voice.  Here is a transcript of the last question and answer in this interview:

Blitzer (at 1:55 into the video): Aren’t you concerned though?  It is one thing for police or military to be walking around with weapons, but it is another thing for civilians simply to be walking around with weapons, some of them may be trained some of them not so well trained.  


How Israel is responding to terrorist attacks: recognizing that armed police/military can’t protect everywhere

18 Nov , 2014  

The horrible death today at Har Nof Shul left five people dead and others wounded.  Israel’s Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, who has been pushing for ever tighter gun control laws, has announced some easing of controls, letting some people carry with them all the time, even in sensitive places (see also here and here).  …