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CBS follows Bloomberg’s Everytown on the Dangers of “Ghost Guns”

15 Feb , 2021   Video

“Ghost guns” are homemade guns. It is already illegal for people to sell these guns because they don’t have serial numbers. Guns are pretty simple items to build. You can build a shotgun with a few sections of pipe and a nail. Requiring background checks on all parts of guns has been one of the goals of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown.…

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Television Show Bias on gun control: Chicago PD investigates a gun show selling untraceable machine guns

22 Mar , 2019   Video

Chicago PD goes to a gun show in neighboring Wisconsin to find someone who is making “Cop Killer Machine Guns.” The machine guns are said to be “untraceable” and made by an underground machine shop. The notion that criminals readily obtain guns at gun shows is simply false. Gun shows account for less than one percent of crime guns (in 2016, the rate was 0.8%).…

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